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OHEL accelerates its SaaS adoption with Druva

OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services was incorporated and founded in 1969 upon the opening of its first home, a group residence for boys with emotional and developmental disabilities. Over the last 50 years, this non-profit agency has scaled to provide services to more than 17,000 individuals, help thousands of foster children, and provide 24/7 residential care and crisis intervention services.

Since its opening, OHEL has managed sensitive records, meaning its data needs to be saved for compliance purposes and never deleted. To protect its data center workloads, OHEL used a solution built on Veeam. While it was protecting this data, which runs on about 60 VMware virtual machines, its email data for 2,000 mailboxes was left unprotected.

When its Exchange Online data in Microsoft 365 experienced accidental loss or deletion, the team looked into expanding its Veeam deployment to protect its 2,000 mailboxes. But, not only did the team feel Veeam’s solution for Microsoft 365 was too new, it would have required a separate license with Veeam for SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, and management of two separate backups

This prompted OHEL IT to evaluate data protection solutions that would align with its cloud strategy and enable it to centrally manage backups for VMs and SaaS applications in a single pane.

The Druva Cloud Platform differentiators

OHEL evaluated Rubrik and other data protection solutions. “When I started looking at other vendors, I found that they were all similar to Veeam in that none of them, except Druva, could offer us one cloud-native solution to protect VMs and SaaS applications,” said Aaron Matatov, IT Infrastructure Manager at OHEL.

OHEL launched a proof of concept (POC) with the Druva Cloud Platform. Shortly thereafter, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Druva not only extended the POC, it launched a new offer to help its prospective customers by giving them six months’ free data loss protection for Microsoft 365 (and endpoints). The OHEL team implemented the Druva Cloud Platform and have already reduced time spent managing daily backups by more than 50%.

“Druva Support proactively reached out to us informing us that we could activate its long-term retention (LTR) capability to reduce storage space and costs. In a short amount of time we are already seeing savings in credits. Druva is a company that looks after its customers,” Matalov added.

Druva accelerates OHEL’s adoption of Salesforce

With Druva being the only vendor OHEL found that also backs up Salesforce data, its Salesforce admin took the opportunity to accelerate the software’s adoption. Through a single pane of glass, OHEL IT manages and protects all data from Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, as well as data on 60 VMs, which it can restore at multiple levels: full, file-level, and individual virtual disk.

“We had an employee recently delete a large amount of emails, and we were able to fully restore the lost emails in minutes with the easy-to-use Druva Cloud Platform,” said Aaron.

Next steps

Read the OHEL case study to learn more about how Druva delivers 100% visibility into backups for VMs, Microsoft 365 data, and business-critical Salesforce data, and enabled 19.69 terabytes (TB) of data to be deduplicated by 2.5X.

OHEL was one of many leading customers that presented its story at DxP, the cloud data protection summit. Visit the DxP landing page to watch the session on-demand, and learn more about how the organization embraced and implemented a cloud-first data protection strategy with Druva.