Offsite Backup Software – The Case for Druvaa InSync

When it comes to backing up offsite computers it is one area, where many businesses struggle. It isn’t necessarily that there aren’t solutions out there that will work. There are. The problem comes in finding a solution that will perform backups quickly. This is where most other backup software fails, and where our own inSync software truly shines. Since inSync used up to 90% less bandwidth, and can perform a full backup 10 times faster than most other software, it is the ideal system to use for backing up laptops as well as PCs

Notebook Backup and Why inSync Works

With any software that is intended to backup PCs on a network, traditionally there was a tradeoff between resource usage and the actual data backed up. Backing up an entire hard drive across a network simply takes up too much storage and used too much of the networks resources to be feasible. To compensate, most backup software used ideas like file compression, or data-mapping. These ideas are adequate for some purposes, but for full backups the software still ends up being slow and fairly resource intensive. Files are still duplicated, storage requirements are still quite large, and bandwidth is still a problem. This is where inSync is different. With our patent-pending technology, SendUnqiue, our data backup software uses both: a more advanced compression technology and distributed data de-duplication technology. The software has the ability to recognize files that are common across the network, and doesn’t backup the same files twice. In other words, inSync uses less storage, and less network resources to back up a PC. This makes inSync the ideal tool for backing up offsite computers (and PCs as well) since it takes less time to perform a backup. If you take the time to read our inSync Benchmarks, it really means the difference between 3 minutes to backup and a full half hour!