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Launching The All New Support Portal

We are pleased to launch the new self-service support portal for all our customers –

The all new portal should be a good help to both the customers and the support team. It includes/improves the following features –

  1. Simple to use  – I love this one the most 🙂
  2. Email Integration  – emails automatically open or respond to existing tickets
  3. Easy and automated escalation of tickets
  4. Self managed account summary and list of owned product licenses
  5. Customers can view history or license/support renewals
  6. Integrated Knowledge Base and Troubleshooter (coming up soon)

All the existing customer accounts have been migrated to the new portal and will receive an email notification soon. I am really hopeful that this should make the post-sales experience even better.

The team spent about 3 months finalizing and launching the portal, and I guess I should request Vinu (who heads support) to write a small post about the journey 🙂