Kingston 500GB USB Flash Drive!

First of all sorry for not updating this blog regularly, hopefully we soon will have a great news to break on the blog 🙂

Milind and myself were killing some free time in a Chinese market in New Delhi, and we suddenly noticed Kingston USB flash drives with 256GB capacity costing about $30. We checked everything and it looked all real 🙂

I quickly googled and saw the same product on Kingston website. Well, I started to bargain and put my skills to test. And soon the poor guy was ready to sell it for $20 🙂 And just before I was about to pay, as a last (shameless) bargain tactic, I told to the guy “Well I am not too pleased, do you have something with bigger capacity” and holy shit, the next moment he handed over a 500GB Kingston Flash Drive. And now this was something, not even on the website!

Milind asked me, “Do you really want this ? I mean what will you use it for ?” and I said, well its a good toy for 20 bucks. And finally both of got ourselves, 2 flash drives of 500GB each 🙂

As soon I got to the flight, I started stress testing it … and surprisingly it still works!!

Shameless Geek Thought: And now I am thinking, if disks get bigger and bigger like this, backing them up would almost impossible. File-systems and hardware vendors surely need to come up with something intelligent (possibly like NTFS change log)  to avoid scanning the device for changes. Surprisingly, such interfaces are still not present in Linux (ext*) and Solaris (JFS).

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