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Hello World!

December 15, 2009
Jaspreet Singh, Founder and CEO

After long waits and about 4 months of beta program, I am extremely excited to announce the general availability of Druvaa Phoenix v1.0.

The entire team has been super busy to make this happen. And I am sure it would be quite evident when you give it a try.

Reinventing Backup

Phoenix is designed ground-up for remote backups. Here are some of the key product features which make it ultra special –

  1. Global Source Based Data Deduplication – Over 90% reduction in backup time, bandwidth and storage.
  2. WAN Optimization – Understands high latency and noisy networks.
  3. Near Continuous Data Protection – snapshot/restore-points based point-in-time restores. No age-old full, incremental backups.
  4. Smart Bandwidth Scheduling – Set smart bandwidth limits for each backup schedule.


The Road Ahead

What we currently have is just a platform which will be used to showcase some market changing features –

  1. Search Based Restore – We missed this feature in v1.0, but should be available in the next v1.2 release
  2. “Blackbird SR-71 – A new storage engine with application aware data deduplication. This should be able to match an attachment inside exchange store at New Jersey to a file stored in a file-server at Kent. This should set the standards for backup performance.
  3. Long Distance Replication – Replicate backed up data over noisy long distance IP networks.
  4. Advanced Dashboard – The second best reporting dashboard (after Google Analytics).

Application aware Agents – Phoenix currently only comes with generic Windows agent, we plan to introduce these starting v2.0

Useful Links –

I welcome you guys to download a copy and share your feedback !