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Getting a clue: uncovering the truth about your data with mobile forensics

What if there were a new capability that automatically and transparently collects data from an organization’s mobile devices, allowing enterprise IT, information security and legal teams to easily facilitate compliance and eDiscovery requests? Well, now there is.

A company’s email server was once the main source of collected end-user data, but now mobile and text messages are an integral part of the eDiscovery process. In fact, almost 80 percent of business users use text messaging for business communications, according to a recent industry survey. The rise of BYOD, the diversity of device models, carriers and the rapid innovation of mobile operating system platforms translate to headaches for security, compliance and legal professionals.

Our latest announcement of our extension of eDiscovery and Proactive Compliance capabilities to mobile devices will help enterprises address these concerns.

Why is mobile forensics necessary for modern IT?

  1. Texts, especially deleted messages, are not on accessible servers (from the phone carriers) nor on company servers.
  2. You cannot impose auto-delete protocols on text messaging to protect sensitive data
  3. Data goes into a black hole that IT can’t do anything about.
  4. You cannot identify sensitive data (PHI, PII, PCI) being held on mobile devices or being transmitted.
  5. Legacy solutions offer a manual acquisition approach for mobile devices but inSync ensures an automated approach with a centralized console to collect, preserve and enable eDiscovery on mobile data.

What can mobile forensics help you uncover about your mobile data?

Not the type to wait around for bad things to happen? Check out how IT and information security can proactively address mobile eDiscovery challenges or read the executive brief below: