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Escape the cost and constraints of protecting your data center

The business world looks much different than it did a month or so ago. Overnight, employees became remote workers with IT scrambling to stand up and support new digital services designed to maintain employee productivity.

Managing a data center has never been without its hurdles, but the current health pandemic has forced many companies to look at how they run their business. With 90% of all IT employees working from home, protecting data with manual, on-location solutions is not only costly but simply not an option. And now IT budgets for new hardware purchases are being repurposed towards supporting the needs of remote workers.1

There are a few things that haven’t changed: the growth rate of your data, the need to comply with regulatory guidelines, and the increasing need to protect your data against cybercriminals.

More than ever, the cloud should be your new business partner. Those organizations that use the cloud for data protection, do not have to worry about personnel going into their data centers to check, maintain, and monitor server and storage installations. They benefit from the cloud’s global locations, scalability, and automation to increase business resilience.

Your data: always on, always safe

Druva combines high-performance cloud backup, disaster recovery (DR), archive, and analytics to simplify data protection for your hybrid cloud environments. Delivered as-a-service, Druva backs up data centers, file servers, VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines, NAS, SaaS applications, and virtual desktop data into any Amazon Web Services (AWS) zone, region, or account to accommodate performance, security, and data residency requirements.

Optimize IT costs
Druva’s SaaS platform reduces your costs by up to 50% by eliminating hardware and software, not to mention IT’s time spent maintaining, patching and upgrading your on-premises infrastructure. Our patented source deduplication reduces the amount of data transmitted to the cloud by 2X, which in turns reduces your storage costs. This helps to reduce storage costs because Druva only charges for the amount of storage you consume.

Further reduce storage costs with automated policies that move archive data from Amazon Simple Storage System (S3) to Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive, allowing customers to reduce storage costs by an additional 30%.

Unified data protection 

Druva protects data across on-premises, remote and cloud environments into a single data lake, which simplifies and accelerates backups, restores, and disaster recovery. A single data lake simplifies search and globally setting policies for compliance, storage analytics and eDiscovery eliminating tedious, error-prone processes.

Safe and Secure 

Built on AWS security framework, Druva maintains a zero trust architecture that prohibits SSH access to production nodes and multi-layered access controls. Data is stored in unique blocks that are scrambled and stored in a way that only customers with authenticated credentials can reassemble the data.

Get Started in 15 minutes 

We are designed for ease of use with a setup that takes only 15 minutes. After clicking on the activation link in the welcome email, grant permission for Druva’s incoming and outgoing traffic. Logon using the SSO provided by your admin or use the email address and password in your welcome email. Download a proxy onto a server and start creating backup policies to protect your data.

1Evaluator Group, “Enterprise IT’s Response to COVID-19,” April 2020.