Eliminate Migration Pain: Backup Your Settings

Migrating to new devices or operating systems has never been easy, especially for IT teams dealing with enterprise-wide technology refreshes, but these days it’s downright painful. The blame lies squarely with the rapidly changing technology landscape.

The average employee no longer has only one device but 2.8, nearly tripling IT time dedicated to device setup. The vulnerability of mobile devices to loss and theft has added to the load. One laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, 70 million smartphones are misplaced or pilfered each year, and tablets are joining the ‘Apple picking’ party, frequently involving IT in replacement.

The burden of keeping up with new device configuration is also exacerbated by OS changes. Since 2001, Apple has introduced eight new operating systems, Windows has unveiled four, and cross-platform migrations from Windows to Mac or vice versa have become increasingly common.

One way to lighten the migration load is to backup data stored on personal devices so that it can be quickly restored. With nearly 30% of business data residing exclusively on laptops, tablets and smartphones, enterprises are slowly getting the message that endpoint backup is a must not only for protecting the corporate jewels but also for bringing new devices online quickly.

But another aspect of device setup – system and application settings – has never been an easy candidate for backup/restore. One reason is that it has never been possible to easily transfer settings between devices or platforms. That’s changing, and it will make device and OS migration as well as rebuilding devices after a crash dramatically easier.

With the recently introduced inSync Persona Backup capability, administrators will be able to automatically backup a variety of OS and application settings such as network, email, Office, and desktop settings, browser bookmarks, address books, passwords, wallpaper, home screens and more for any individual device or device group. End users will be able to perform do-it-yourself settings restores – whether they are moving from Windows XP to Windows 8 or from one HP or Dell model to another, or even cloning settings from an older Windows laptop to a brand new Mac.

The new Persona Backup feature will save hours for everyone involved. It will relieve IT staff of manual settings configuration, and minimize user productivity losses caused by waiting for their new MacBook to be ready for action. And with Windows XP reaching end of life next year, it will relieve headaches in many enterprises scrambling to upgrade.

Rapid hardware and OS iterations are here to stay. Remote backup for both data and settings can ease IT pressure and get employees up and running that much faster.