Jaspreet Singh’s Druva Seeks to Create ‘Veritas’ for Endpoint Data Management

As printed in Forbes

“Druva means North Star in Sanskrit,” says Jaspreet Singh, the young visionary behind the creation of his innovative storage management software company. Singh’s Druva seeks to be the guiding light in the endpoint data management space created out of the need to manage data at what Singh calls “the edge.” “The edge is where 28% of data resides outside of data centers on mobile devices and laptops, for example. 8% of devices holding corporate data are lost or broken every year—where does that data go?” asks Singh rhetorically.

His visionary concept centered on the narrowness of the market or the “edge” of where data resides. Previously, companies solved for one of problems/challenges for data loss or leakage by building anti-virus or data security solutions, where the market needed an integrated solution for end-to-end ”data governance” build on top of backup, data loss prevention, eDiscovery, etc. Singh felt the big data center players did not understand mobility. He began thinking about how to create endpoint backup for enterprises and the idea for Druva was born. Now viewed as a pioneer in the space, Druva has recently secured nearly $25 million in Series C funding from Tenaya Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Nexus Venture Partners (total funding to date is $42 million)and customers that now include the likes of NASA, Xerox, PWC and others.

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