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Druva on the Road: TechTarget, Pittsburgh

Rarely do I come across a group of people so interested in a specific type of technology. This past TechTarget event in Pittsburgh, PA provided an excellent forum to come face-to-face with people like me who have a legitimate interest in the optimization and efficiency enhancements seen in today’s backup world. I was very surprised that modern remote laptop backup hasn’t been top of mind for most of these companies. After talking to about two thirds of the attendees, I discovered it is a need that is quickly climbing the priority lists in IT departments all over.

Deduplication was a common topic of discussion, as many attendees were eager to learn about how to optimize storage and bandwidth. Historically, remote laptop backup was not something attendees were very familiar with. I learned that many large enterprises are missing out on the opportunity to have control and visibility into the data on their “traveling laptops,” as I like to call them, simply because they are used to the legacy backup solutions they have.

I had an opportunity to present Druva’s technology to the audience, after which a large majority came to the booth with questions (although a few were just there for the free USB sticks!). I got to know a few attendees on a more personal level as we sat down for lunch, and learned about a few different concerns. Unfortunately, it is still common to use network file share, which requires the end user to manually move important files into shared folders. More often than not, this is not done consistently (if done at all). Another common theme I heard is that employees “magically” expect IT to have access to their lost or accidentally deleted files. BYOD was also a big topic; currently a lot of the attendees shy away from it, rather than embrace it. It was beneficial to a couple of the attendees to learn that Druva can control BYOD devices with the same policies enforced on corporate issued devices.

If your role in your company has anything to do with storage or backup, events like this are a great way to share your pain points, and learn about today’s best technology with like-minded people and experts in the field. Come see us at booth 815 at Interop March 31 through April 3!

Joey Kilaita is Account Executive, Mid-Atlantic US / Canada at Druva.