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Druva Phoenix Takes Flight with 4 New UX Elements

What if an enterprise software could be as intuitive and easy to use as a consumer app? That’s the thinking behind the latest design update to Druva Phoenix, our converged Disaster Recovery, Backup & Archival solution in the cloud.

As a leader in our industry, we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve business efficiency and end user productivity. The recent addition of the Disaster Recovery (DR) functionality to Phoenix enables organizations to manage, protect, secure and recover data within a single framework, eliminating silos and significantly reducing costs. But the benefits don’t stop there — we believe intuitive design is key to reducing complexity and are focused on creating an unparalleled user experience that extends beyond basic functionality. Inefficiencies caused by poorly designed user interfaces can be costly, time consuming and downright frustrating for users. Usability is an important aspect of our product and a big focus in the latest update to the Phoenix UI.

Building ‘easy to use’ products is central to Druva’s product philosophy.

Since its launch in October of 2014, we have received valuable feedback from administrators on how they use Phoenix and what would help make them more efficient and effective in their daily jobs. Based on this feedback and our future plans for Phoenix, we have focused our efforts on enhancing the UX to include additional capabilities such as support for new workloads such as SQL servers and VMware as well as role-based access control through sites.

Unburdened by legacy considerations, Phoenix has a unique opportunity to redefine UX for server backup products. We strongly believe that a more efficient and intuitive UI for our solutions is a key differentiator and critical for our users.

Here’s a look at some of the new features included in the latest Phoenix UX refresh:

1. Unified Dashboard – Now IT administrators can view the overall status of the entire system all from a single location and at a glance, including:

  • backup and restore status of jobs for the last 7 days
  • a deployment overview that displays the number of servers and VMs in the system as well as how many of those are configured for backup
  • up-to-date alerts to remind users of important tasks and allow for easy monitoring
  • an overview of storage consumption and available storage space
  • an overview of cloudcache usage
  • the status of tasks (in-progress or completed)
A Look At The Phoenix Dashboard

A Look At The Phoenix Dashboard

2. Expanded Job Monitoring Enjoy an expanded and comprehensive view of all jobs within the Jobs Menu. Information within Job IDs such as status, error codes, progress logs and other detailed insights can now be viewed all at once to further ease the troubleshooting process.

Overview of the New Jobs Page

Overview of the New Jobs Page

3. Detailed search and filters – Navigate with ease and quickly complete the task at hand with these new refining tools.

Druva Phoenix Search and Filters

4. Intuitive Visual Style We went under the hood to enhance the foundation of the UI to better support new functionality, features and workloads. Some of the key elements in this refresh include:

  • contemporary look and feel to reflect our edge as a new-age cloud based solution
  • minimalistic visual elements to provide focus on the task at hand
  • balanced color scheme to highlight primary actions without distracting from the data
  • support of graphics in workflows (e.g. registering a server) that provide a thorough understanding of the entire process at once
  • replacement of images with glyphicons, which are lightweight and easy to modify, to improve system performance
  • addition of amCharts, a fast-performing and responsive charting library that supports all modern browsers and permits styling with CSS

Druva Phoenix Server Detail

We believe design is an iterative process and will continue our efforts to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and the industry at large. There are many additional capabilities in the works, including easing the registration workflow and simplifying new user experiences. Stay tuned for more!

Want a closer look at Druva Phoenix? Take a quick screenshot tour here or experience the power of a full demo for yourself here

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