Druva haz a data: an intro to converged data protection

Druva haz a data: an intro to converged data protection

“Backup is table stakes,” declares Phil the bunny, in this epic video entry to the internal “Pitch Druva” contest. Do you know if your laptop or various mobile devices are protected or are compliant to your industry’s regulations? Let Phil explain the difference between being backed up and being protected.

Most companies have deployed reactive solutions for data protection that try to fix the issue after it has occurred. But while they scramble to get things right, wouldn’t it have worked better if they were alerted to potential data risks before the escalation?

Fuzzy employee, Phil, makes his pitch below:

Learn more about Druva inSync:


Ellis Luk

Ellis comes from a social media and copywriting background. She has experience growing and developing social marketing efforts with an H2H (human-to-human) approach. At Druva, she runs all things social in collaboration with events, content, PR, AR, and customer advocacy. Prior to Druva, she led the social and content efforts at Totango.


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