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Countryside Property replaces Veeam with Druva for cloud-native enterprise backup and recovery

Gartner recently released its 2021 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions. This year’s report debuted an updated category that extends to the cloud, as well as the edge. Druva, named a Visionary in the report, believes this change in criteria reflects a new reality — in the age of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and edge devices, the data center is no longer the center of a company’s data. Organizations need enterprise-level backup and recovery.

Countryside Properties was looking for just that when it replaced Veeam and Microsoft’s legacy native security features with the Druva Cloud Platform to back up data on VMware virtual machines (VMs) and in Microsoft 365. “Our overall strategy is now more cloud focused,” said Chris Liddard, head of infrastructure and support at Countryside Properties. 

Eliminating on-premises backup infrastructure costs and management time

Chris and team turned to cloud-native Druva to remove the need for on-premises backup infrastructure and replication of VM data between data centers. “Our overall strategy is now more cloud focused. We wanted to back up VM data to the cloud to eliminate our large data center footprint and related costs,” said Chris. Druva helped the team do just that.

The Druva Cloud Platform, is an enterprise-level SaaS data protection solution that protects and manages enterprise backup data across data center, cloud, and endpoint workloads. It is delivered as-a-service and built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It also provides all-inclusive services with no need to manage hardware, software, or the associated cost and complexity.

“From an administration point of view, it’s definitely got major benefits – especially the clarity of information so you can make quick snap decisions,” said Clive Wood, Senior Infrastructure Engineer. “Druva proactively lets me know what functionality I can add to save costs, which definitely sets it apart from other vendors we considered.”

It’s also easier to manage backups thanks to Druva’s user-friendly interface. This became especially important when Clive was out of office and Chris needed to restore OneDrive files. “All it took was a quick text message from Clive, and I was in the Druva Cloud Platform dashboard restoring OneDrive files by myself; no technical expertise required,” Chris said. “There’s no way that could have happened if we had stayed with Veeam.”

Accelerating cloud projects at Countryside Properties

“Since Druva is cloud-native, we knew it would support our goal of accelerating and protecting our cloud projects while reducing our on-premises footprint.” With VM and Microsoft 365 data — SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams — securely protected in the cloud, Countryside Properties has the confidence to continue rolling out its cloud-first strategy.

One of the reasons for this is because the Druva Cloud Platform is built on the most resilient cloud platform — AWS. Druva’s platform stores data in an air-gapped, highly available environment with the highest level of security, guaranteeing data availability and durability — all with zero infrastructure required.

Because Druva is cloud-based, “Updates are automatically applied quickly, freeing up our team for more strategic projects,” Clive said. Additionally, Druva helps facilitate Countryside Properties’ cloud strategy because it’s infinitely scalable, meaning that Chris and team can add new capacity to their subscription on the fly without any changes to backup settings. As a result, there’s no need to purchase and install new appliances or software.

What’s next?

Read the Countryside Properties case study to learn how Druva is enabling it to restore VMs 6x faster than Veeam’s on-premises solution. As well as reduce costs with a 4.72x global deduplication storage savings, allowing them to back up more servers and simplify management.