Celebrating our virtual success at VMworld 2020

VMWorld 2020 was our industry’s first major event to go virtual in response to the global pandemic. As a strong VMware partner with multiple product certifications, Druva believed that the event remained an important venue to be able to connect with customers needing a cloud data protection solution, and we went all in as a platinum sponsor.

Our experience with VMworld 2020 validated our cloud-centric SaaS-based approach in a big way, because in the same way we can achieve more in the cloud for data protection, we accomplished things in the virtual event that would have never been possible in person. We had no idea what to expect at our first virtual VMworld, but we were happily surprised by the level of engagement with customers.

The biggest proof of that can be seen in our breakout sessions. For an in-person show, the vendor has limited space to seat attendees. While they do their best to estimate the crowds based on early registration, once rooms are provisioned for a breakout session, the attendee limit is set (usually between 50 to 100 people). If no one shows up, you face an empty room. Alternatively, if more attendees show up than can be accommodated in the space, they have to be turned away.

Druva’s Kubernetes panel discussion session, how to succeed with Kubernetes in the cloud, had nearly 2000 people in attendance for the virtual event! That’s 20 times more people than would typically be able to attend in person, and no one was turned away. VMworld didn’t have to do any extra work, build a bigger room, or drag in hundreds of chairs to make this happen. The magic of the cloud automatically expanded its capacity to handle all these extra viewers. The same thing happened with our customer session, State of California protects VMware Cloud and on-premises data.

We also saw a higher level of engagement at our virtual booth. While we interacted with fewer people overall, the content engagement (e.g. videos, demos) of the people who came to our booth was much higher than we would normally see at a physical tradeshow.

Attendees also read about our recent announcements, including how Druva is delivering the industry’s first SaaS-based data protection for Kubernetes, and how Druva achieved VMware Ready Certification for VMware Cloud on AWS and Dell EMC. The latter is a new certification, unveiled at VMworld 2020, and it recognizes Druva as a validated and tested solution to protect, backup, and recover VMware Cloud on AWS environments as well as a broader VMware Cloud portfolio: VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and VMware Cloud on AWS.

While a physical trade show is great, it has its limitations – one of which is space provisioning space in advance leading to unused capacity in some areas, and not enough capacity in others. Similarly, an on-premises data protection system must be designed, purchased and provisioned in advance. If your needs change, you will either have wasted resources or a grossly under-provisioned system.

Druva’s data protection service, on the other hand, can meet the needs of the moment and the needs of tomorrow, no matter how big or small they are. Our fully-automated backend dynamically allocates resources so nothing is ever wasted or is resource-constrained. So when things surprise you – like the 2000 people that attended our Kubernetes talk – you can handle them with ease.

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