BYOD & Security: It’s Not the Device, But the Data

Overall MDM is great for over-the-air app, data and config distribution. However the big question enterprises have to answer is if managing mobile devices would be enough to prevent information leakage. MDM profiles can create a content firewall between corporate and personal apps, but selective blocking is usually not enough to protect corporate information.

Statistics reveal that over 70% of information leakage is actually unintentional and often occurs when information is left unattended. More devices and more apps simply create more opportunities for information leakage.

Rather than putting more gates and firewalls around the data, the key to the solution is to focus on making the data inherently secure.

If the information can self-control who can access it, when they can be access it, and from where, it makes MDM security redundant and the information completely secure. Think about it, if the data itself can control who, when and where, it would solve common security use cases like:

  1. Disallow access of any information beyond corporate devices
  2. Auto-expire a document sent to contractors
  3. Limit the access of data created by the finance group to within finance group itself

The key to security in the BYOD world will be about managing the data and not the devices. Stay tuned for more updates on this.