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Bringing Balance to the World of Tech Equity / Druva at Grace Hopper

We recently were lucky enough to attend the Grace Hopper Conference in India (GHCI), where we sponsored and exhibited at the show. It was the 10th edition of GHCI and the very first time that Druva made an appearance at the conference. Being firm believers in empowering women in tech, Druva reinforced its commitment when it signed up as a bronze sponsor for the conference held in Bangalore in November this year.

From Day 1 of the conference, GHCI helped the participants grow awareness about their roles in the tech world and themselves in general. From experts across the fields of quantum computing, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and user experience, this massively talented group opened us to the indomitable brilliance of women in technology. The gathering left us in awe of each other’s capabilities and encouraged us to grow further. #WeWill, that hashtag alone, inspired us and gave us a vision for the future. Women are also creators of innovative and life changing technology and we’ll continue to create a workplace where more and more women have the opportunity to do so.

“The exposure to various facets of technology at the conference was in line with cutting-edge technology being worked on in various parts of the world,” said Annette Benz, Senior Director of Engineering at Druva. This year’s theme of #WeWill was a call to women to support each other in their careers and the GHCI community embraced this attitude.

Part of our participation at the event included representing Druva as an employer. We were excited to connect many attendees to our next-gen technologies, and the opportunities we can offer women invested in technology.

As Smriti Banijwadkar from Druva stated, “You have to be there, in person, to experience the movement called the “Grace Hopper India Celebration”. The conference resonated with a powerful message – that we are here to not just lead, but also to be creators of technology that shapes the future. “It amazes me just how much we all needed to hear the message and to believe that we have what it takes to sit at the table and drive a world where equality for women exists across technology industries.”

Admiral Grace Hopper once said that “A ship in port is safe, but this is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things.” A quote that perfectly resonates with the spirit that we have at Druva. As women at Druva, we’re empowered to sail into the sea with the courage and perseverance to make a difference.

Take a look at our careers page and see what opportunities exist where you can be a part of this exciting time at Druva. We can’t wait to hear from you.