Best Practices for Protecting Your Data When Employees Leave Your Company – Osterman Research

Osterman Research provides timely and accurate international market research, cost data, cost models, benchmarking information and other services to technology-based companies. With Druva, Osterman Research conducted an in-depth survey on trends and policies used by corporations to protect confidential data from leaving with departing employees.

When employees leave a company, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, they often take sensitive data with them. Osterman Research found that 69% of the business organizations surveyed indicated that they had suffered significant data/knowledge loss resulting from employees who had left. Data exfiltration can create a variety of problems from annoying to business-crippling.

Our upcoming webinar with Michael Osterman will examine this problem in detail and share best practices on how IT (working with HR) can help ensure the company’s data doesn’t walk out the front door. Register here

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