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Beyond Backup and The Device

At Druva, we are placing our bets on two interesting enterprise trends:

1. Data backup will become a platform and the main focus will be doing more with stored data

2. The user is bringing more devices to work and IT is transitioning to a ‘manage the user’ vs. a ‘manage the device’ model

Over the past year, we have placed our bets on doing more with data. inSync was the first enterprise solution to offer mobile access, and then we moved beyond data loss and focused on leakage and discovery/analytics. The result – Safepoint and inSights, both inSync add-ons.

And now with the newly announced inSync 5.0 we are shifting our focus to help IT protect and manage the user’s data vs individual devices. With 5.0 all the features and add-ons have been extended to offer full support for iOS and Android based devices.

The Lean Startup approach has taught us to innovate early and often. While enterprises may not be ready to adopt immediately, we’re confident they will be soon.