AWS partner video series: Migrate enterprise data with the AWS Snow Family

In a previous blog, the first of the AWS partner video series highlighting a recent discussion between Stephen Manley, CTO of Druva, and Bill Vass, VP of Technology at Amazon Web Services (AWS), we examined the mutual commitment to security between the two technology partners. Druva’s cloud data protection infrastructure is based on AWS, the most resilient cloud platform, and provides customers with a secure, unified solution to accelerate and protect cloud projects, maintain compliance with today’s strictest standards (such as FedRAMP and more), and reduce the cost and complexity of data protection for all business-critical data. 

In this edition, explore how leveraging the AWS Snow Family of devices simplifies the collection and processing of large amounts of data into and out of AWS. To accelerate the migration of backup data to the cloud, AWS worked with Druva to jointly design the pre-configured AWS Snowball, with built-in Druva infrastructure — delivering a simple, seamless, and secure path to the cloud. The AWS Snow Family (AWS Snowball, AWS Snowcone, and AWS Snowmobile) are owned and managed by AWS, with built-in security and computing capabilities. 

Learn more with Stephen and Bill as they explain the AWS Snow Family’s advantages in the video below, and stay tuned for our next blog in the AWS partner video series as we take a deep-dive into the implementations and adoption trends for Amazon S3 Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive.