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Atlantic Container Line gets stellar support and simplicity from Druva and achieves cyber resilience

By 2025, Cybersecurity Ventures claims cybercrime will cost businesses $10.5 trillion globally.¹ This presents huge risks for customers, as it can result in brand damage, customer churn, regulatory compliance fines, and more. 

It’s well known that businesses must protect themselves against cybercrime, such as ransomware, which is increasing daily. But did you know that one of the most critical factors for a business to achieve cyber resilience is getting the support they need, and when they need it, from their data protection vendor?

David Sinnott, IT Infrastructure Manager at Atlantic Container Line (ACL), and ACL Network Manager Lou Cagnassola, know this first hand. Their team had been using Veritas NetBackup to secure data center workloads, including 100 VMware virtual machines (VMs), 50+ file servers, and four Oracle Database Appliances (ODAs), but weren’t getting the support they needed.

When David and Lou wanted to add five new SAP and Linux servers to ACL’s virtual environment, Veritas wouldn’t support it unless they bought new hardware worth $90,000. It wasn’t enough for Veritas to simply upgrade the existing servers, but since ACL had so much invested in Veritas, David and Lou deployed the new hardware.

The ACL team’s support challenges with Veritas only grew when they exhausted eight months with the vendor trying to get SAP data on the VMs backed up. Veritas was not able to do this, so ACL was forced to invest even more and hire an outside consultant.

Druva secures SAP on VM data 160x faster than Veritas

As time went on, David grew concerned about the company’s cyber resilience posture, as Veritas was backing up data to the same servers as the workloads. “We needed a better way to seamlessly protect our data,” he said, which is when the team discovered Druva. 

Even though ACL had made a big investment in expensive Veritas hardware, the business advantages of migrating to Druva’s cloud-native data protection, such as improving its cyber resilience, were too good to ignore. “Druva and Veritas are night and day. Everything about Druva was so straightforward.”

According to David, the Druva Cloud Platform was so simple that, “We barely even needed support.” Lou confirmed David’s feelings when the migration began. “When we were migrating backups to Druva, we started with the SAP VMs first and thought it was going to be a challenge. But Druva helped us get all five virtual machines backed up within four hours.” That’s a whopping 160x faster than with Veritas. He added, “What we spent eight months trying to do with Veritas, we were able to do in four hours with Druva.”

Simplicity enables 50 percent cost reduction and compliance

The Druva Cloud Platform, which ACL is using to protect mission-critical Oracle database appliances, VMs, and Microsoft 365 data, is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) data protection solution for enterprise backup and recovery.

Druva means no hardware or software, which is what enabled ACL to eliminate on-premises infrastructure, hardware refresh cycles, and time consuming software maintenance. Druva is delivered as-a-service and built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s infinitely scalable, on-demand to meet its customers’ business needs.

ACL was able to reduce its on-premises footprint while cutting total cost of ownership (TCO) by 50 percent. “Before Druva, I was so concerned that if we had any kind of site failure, those backups would be useless,” David said. “Now, our architecture is cyber resilient, and I finally have peace of mind.”

Complexity is greatly reduced as well, with the team cutting time spent managing backups by 93 percent. “I love how easy the Druva Cloud Platform is,” Lou said. “No agent required. I just deploy a proxy, refresh, and there’s my server. I only need a thin client, and I have a single pane of glass to manage backups from anywhere.”

What’s next?

Read the Atlantic Container Line case study to learn more about ACL’s replacement of Veritas with the Druva Cloud Platform, including how it reduced time spent managing backups by 93 percent.

¹Cybersecurity Ventures, “Cybersecurity Almanac: 100 Facts, Figures, Predictions And Statistics,” Morgan, Steve.