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A New Purpose to Backup: Unveiling inSync 5.6

I had a proud moment recently at our company user conference. One of our longstanding customers walked up to me and said he was impressed at our product evolution and pace of innovation. “You guys have given a new purpose to end user data backup,” he said. “We are now using your product for our legal review, OS migration, and our InfoSec team likes the data loss prevention capabilities.” Then, he brought up Phoenix and our recent launch of Proactive Compliance and went on to ask, “Who comes up with all these ideas?”

The fact is, he and all our other customers are responsible for these ideas. The product innovation we bring to market comes from customers who constantly guide us and push the boundaries. One such example is our recently announced Mobile Forensics offering in inSync. The legal team at one of our larger customers had a pressing need to collect data from mobile devices to provide forensic evidence. The lack of such a functionality was creating IT headaches and outrageous expense during a recent legal investigation. Hearing this pain from our customer, the Druva product team jumped on this requirement right away, and the feature was born.

As our customer base and their deployment size continues to grow, we are working even harder to make the product flexible and scalable to meet their enterprise needs. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the InSync 5.6 client this week. This release features a new user interface (UI) for our Windows and Mac clients which has been completely redesigned to provide a highly simplistic and non-intrusive experience for end users, improving end user adoption for IT organizations. We also feature new support for backup and data restore of content on Microsoft OneDrive to support user adoption.  Read more about the 5.6 client as well as the lessons our product and UX team learned while building a Mac client from the ground up.

In addition, the customer-driven inSync 5.6 Client updates include:

What’s next on the horizon? As we close in on the end of the year, the product team is working aggressively on some exciting deliverables:

  • Extending inSync’s infrastructure and data storage footprint with Azure
  • Enhancements to Phoenix server backup with VMWare file-level restore
  • Co-branding and customer management portal to support our MSP Launch

And this is just the start … We’re committed to working hard to evolve what was once seen as simply ‘laptop backup’ to what is now the de facto standard in enterprise data protection.

If you are a Druva customer, read the iSync 5.6 Release Notes here.

Not yet using Druva? Discover how a modern approach to data backup can transform your organization and accelerate change in the video below.