5 on Friday: Mobile Stories You Didn’t Mean to Miss

Hey, how did it get to be Friday, already? It’s hard enough to keep up with work; too often, in the daily shuffle to Must Get Done, we miss stories on topics we care about. This time: a round-up of mobile news, trends, and isn’t-that-cool.

U.S. Consumers Losing Interest in Smartphones as Demand FallsSmartphone demand in the U.S. has dropped by 8% since June 2014 and shows weakness, according to new research from Argus Insights. Blame it on “upgrade fatigue.”

Enterprise-Class Wi-Fi: 15 Ways to Improve YoursWhy can’t most organizations get Wi-Fi right? Pitiful Wi-Fi implementation is so prevalent these days that people take it for granted. From the hotels we visit, to the cafes we frequent, down to the offices we call home 9-5 daily. And that’s unfortunate, because when done right, Wi-Fi is an enabler for connecting us wherever, whenever. Here’s several suggestions that can help, no matter what your company size.

IoT and The Looming Mobile Tidal WaveIf you thought handling BYOD was hard, wait until you see what managing mobile devices for the Internet of Things entails. Here’s how IT can begin to handle that nightmare. (Hint: your BYOD plan, policies, and processes give you a head start, but you have to do more than tweak them)

Three Tips for Working Smarter with TabletsYou want to use your tablet for work. Here’s how you get the most out of it.

…and because we don’t always have to be pragmatic:

LED Lightbulbs Create Wireless Networks Wherever They Are InstalledEngineers at the University of Virginia have come up with a way to make almost any device fitted with standard visible light LEDs able to communicate with other equipment with similar LEDs. This could reduce the use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, and increase available bandwidth.

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