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The 5 AWS re-Invent Sessions I’m Looking Forward To

Just how many companies run on AWS? This list of case studies is just the tip of the iceberg. But if I want to earn about cloud architecture, there’s no better way to do it than to attend AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas this week. I’m so excited about it!

In fact, here are five sessions (that are relevant to Druva’s archive and backup angle) I’m looking forward to checking out:

  1. Using AWS to Create a Low Cost, Secure Backup Environment for Your On-premises Data
    Wednesday Nov 12, 2:15pm, Room: TBD (Curd Zechmeister, Jason Blevins, Antoine Boury)

    Learn how you can leverage AWS services together with third-party storage appliances and gateways to automate your backup and recovery processes so that they are not only less complex and lightweight, but also easy to manage and maintain.
  2. Deploying High Availability and Disaster Recovery Architectures with AWS
    Wednesday Nov 12, 4:30pm, Room: TBD (Michael Holtby, Brad Carlstedt)

    The session will present reference architectures, best practices, and use cases based on AWS services including Amazon S3, Glacier, and Storage Gateway. Special topics will include how to move your data securely into the AWS cloud, how to retrieve and restore your data, and how to backup on-premises data to the cloud using Amazon Storage gateway and other third party storage gateways.
  3. Bursting to the Cloud: Deploying a Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution with AWS
    Thursday Nov 13, 11:00am, Room: TBD (Matt Yanchyshyn, Ron Bianchini, Aaron Black)

    In this session, you learn how Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI) uses Amazon S3 together with an on-premises cloud gateway from Avere Systems to take advantage of the unlimited capacity scaling in the cloud while lowering the cost of data storage.
  4. Building an Enterprise-Class Backup and Archive Storage Solution Using AWS
    Thursday Nov 13, 3:15pm, Room: Delfino 4002 (Jaspreet Singh)

    This session focuses on how an enterprise backup provider took advantage of AWS services at massive scale. In particular Amazon S3 for a large pool of distributed storage for warm copies of data, Amazon Glacier for long-term preservation, and a metadata layer on top of Amazon DynamoDB for high transaction and fast data deduplication.
  5. The Cold Data Playbook: Building the Ultimate Archive Solution in Amazon Glacier
    Friday Nov 14, 10:00am, Room: TBD (Colin Lazier, David Rosen)

    Key features of Glacier including security, durability and price will be presented in this session. You will learn best practices for managing your cold data, including ingest, retrieval and security controls. We will also discuss how to optimize the storage, upload and retrieval costs and help you identify the most applicable workloads and recommend optimizations based on a few sample use cases.

Maybe you’ll catch some live tweets from me as I attend my sessions. If you’re looking for a cool t-shirt that’s neither black nor blue, stop by booth 422 to pick up your “Defender of Data in the Wild” t-shirt — and say hi!  (After all, we do have pretty good booth swag!)