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2016 Focus: What’s Top of Mind for IT Managers

What are the main issues that keep IT professionals on constant alert? Security, agility, and availability. Every day managers field the challenge of user requests, put out fires including security threats, and keep up with evolving technology. It’s no surprise that professionals are already establishing goals and initiatives for 2016 to juggle these demands and keep their careers on pace.

We asked a group of large company IT managers about their top priorities for 2016, and here’s what they told us: The majority of IT professionals are responsible for keeping business systems running smoothly. From phone systems to wireless internet services, they keep a lot of balls in the air to maintain a well-oiled machine. Executives and employees throughout the enterprise scrutinize the processes that affect them individually, including crashed laptops or deleted files, but IT professionals must also keep overall data security and user experience at the top of their agenda.

This is what IT managers reported:

  1. Windows 10 Upgrades in 3…2…1…
    Some shops are replacing iPads as companion devices, and others are upgrading devices to the latest Windows OS, so IT teams have their migration and rollout work cut out for them. Planning this in stages or waves helps control the load, and streamlines provisioning and de-provisioning.
  2. Tackling Cloud Migration
    In addition to disaster recovery, data backup and storage are other areas IT experts are considering as candidates for cloud migration.
  3. Active Directory (AD) Integration and Maintenance
    Nothing screams data risk like past employee files. Better AD integration provides tighter control of former employee accounts, increases protection of company data, and accelerates the new hiring process.
  4. Securing Data Leaks
    Safer data encryption and expanding data governance efforts to include compliance monitoring are ongoing priorities.
  5. Global BYOD Strategy
    It starts with managing devices from the cloud. From establishing rules and policies to ruling out BYOD, IT experts are aggressive about the leading cause of shadow IT.
  6. Implementing New CRM and Accounting Systems
    We all realize what a major challenge this can be, especially when modernizing older processes and integrating new CRM and accounting systems with each key platform.
  7. Communication is King!
    Selecting a new video conferencing or IM software for all users isn’t easy, but who doesn’t want to enhance communication across the board?
  8. “Hey IT…Can I Get Help With…?”
    To save time and interruption of large IT projects, the pros are considering automation applications to reduce time spent on manual processes and walk-up requests from employees.
  9. Security Initiatives
    Coworkers whose passwords are their name or “password123” are a contributing factor to IT headaches. Teams must strengthen network security to prevent data leaks, and implement single sign-on to reduce the proliferation of weak passwords.
  10. Managing Heterogeneous Environments 
    IT managers need a solution that manages all operating systems and makes it possible to standardize IT policies and applications throughout the enterprise.

What’s on top of your list for 2016? Feel free to share your IT initiatives below!