Press Release

UC Berkeley Selects Druva inSync to Protect 30,000 PCs, Macs & Mobile Devices

Campus-Wide Initiative Designed to Safeguard Data for 20,000 Faculty & Staff

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) March 22, 2013

Druva today announced a contract with the University of California, Berkeley, to backup and protect an estimated 30,000 laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones used by 20,000 faculty and staff with the Druva inSync unified endpoint data management platform. The university is deploying inSync’s endpoint protection technology to combat data and intellectual property loss caused by mobile device theft, unauthorized use and other endpoint vulnerabilities.

In a competitive evaluation that included four finalists, the UC Berkeley technology team selected the Druva platform for its easy mass client deployment, support for personal devices to combat the risks of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, simplicity for end users, integration of multiple endpoint protection tools in a single suite for ease of management, and low total cost of ownership stemming from proprietary Druva global de-duplication technology that will cut storage requirements in half or more.

Other factors leading to the choice of Druva included extensive client support, future enhancement plans, and a private cloud deployment option enabling backups and other inSync-managed data to be maintained in campus data center facilities in an elastic cloud environment. </P.

When the rollout is complete, inSync’s automated backup will equip the university with a central repository of files and folders that protects faculty and staff work and allows data to be quickly recovered in the event a device is lost, fails or is stolen. Users with multiple devices will also be able to remotely access their own files from whatever device they are using, eliminating the need to move files from one device to another or into a university-authorized file sharing service to ensure availability.

Druva’s backup functionality will complement UC Berkeley’s whole disk encryption policy and add incremental protections against device loss, failure and/or theft.

The Druva inSync suite also includes integrated secure file sharing and data loss prevention (DLP) features that can be deployed at the customer’s option. inSync Share provides a secure, IT-controlled alternative to consumer-grade file sharing services like Dropbox and YouSendIt, including a centralized audit trail of all file sharing activity and automatic file/folder synchronization between devices and users.    inSync’s DLP functionality encompasses data encryption, device geo-tracking and remote data delete.

“Universities in general and research institutions in particular have been repeatedly involved in IP litigation. Safeguarding data on computers and mobile devices is a key step in risk mitigation for IP loss as well as other interference with information assets,” said Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva. “With their decision to deploy endpoint protection technology, UC Berkeley is implementing important safety controls that set the standard for the higher education community.”

The Druva private cloud deployment option selected by UC Berkeley supports an unlimited number of users with a single cloud master that can connect with any number of storage nodes. The single cloud master handles authentication and policy management for all devices and users across the enterprise, including automatically directing the client to the appropriate storage node for backup. Each storage node in turn is configured to store backed-up data on the enterprise’s DAS or SAN for protection. Unique on-demand scalability for both storage and servers eliminates the compute bottleneck that occurs with solutions requiring the addition of multiple attached storage devices to a single server. For more information, visit