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Protecting data on AWS shouldn’t be complex and expensive

One of the main reasons for the growing adoption of AWS and other public clouds is the scale and flexibility that the cloud provides. As organizations move to the cloud, many of them struggle to effectively maintain the increase of cloud data and effectively manage native AWS applications. As a result of rapid data growth, there is still the risk that data loss can happen due to operational outages, malicious intent, or malware. However, for many organizations, the native snapshot management capabilities of “AWS backup” are not enough. You require a complete third-party solution that keeps your AWS data safe and easily recoverable from any scenario. Ultimately, this means you need a reliable, unified solution that offers backup, restore, disaster recovery, and data lifecycle management to fully protect the infrastructure within your environment, and ensures business continuity.

Comprehensive data protection for AWS workloads

Druva provides a unified solution to fully protect your AWS workloads, applications, and data. Unlike server-based solutions that don’t scale, Druva is a 100% SaaS platform that reduces costs and complexity through operational simplicity. Infinitely scale as you add more resources and applications.

Simplify data protection for
AWS cloud workloads

AWS backup and recovery benefits

Reduce data protection complexity, and effectively manage backup and disaster recovery requirements for AWS workloads, VMware Cloud on AWS, Oracle and SQL databases to meet business continuity and compliance SLAs.

Centralize policies across AWS environments

Built for infinite scale, centrally manage, and apply policies across multiple accounts, using include and exclude rules to meet shared requirements.

Minimize disruption and reduce risk

Protect against data loss and replicate backup copies across different regions, and accounts to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Save on long-term AWS storage costs

Achieve significant cost savings for long-term retention with our automated, policy-driven archiving of snapshots, to low-cost storage tiers.

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How does backup for AWS workloads work?

Enhance AWS workload protection

Druva data protection for AWS workloads

Watch this five-minute demo to learn key benefits on how to protect and manage your AWS workloads with a cloud-native data protection solution.

How data protection of AWS workloads is different with Druva

Druva offers a unified, secure, and scalable platform to support all of your data protection needs across AWS workloads, data centers, cloud applications, and endpoints.

Maximize the value of your data and reduce complexity

  • Efficiency, security, and performance at scale 
  • Increase business resilience with reliable backup and recovery 
  • Seamless recovery of files, databases, VMs, and snapshots
  • On-demand disaster recovery capabilities without additional infrastructure

No hardware, no software, 100% SaaS

  • Increase employee productivity through policy-driven automation
  • Zero maintenance or upgrades required
  • Ensure availability and increase uptime
  • 100% cloud-native solution that leverages available AWS technologies

Reduce AWS and backup storage bills

  • Policy-driven tiering of backup data into lower-cost AWS storage tiers 
  • Reduce costs associated with storage and retention 
  • Increase predictability of data protection costs 

Simplified data management and compliance

  • Global presence to meet compliance and local data residency rules 
  • Centralized console to manage policies and customize retention
  • Mitigate the risk of data loss with resilient air-gapped backup copies

Cloud expertise

  • Protection for AWS workloads, VMC, SQL and Oracle
  • Support for modern workloads including containerized applications
  • Robust integration with your tech stack via RESTful APIs 
  • Benefit from 24/7 award-winning customer support
We wanted to simplify our backup and recovery implementation, and move towards a subscription-based model that would scale when needed.

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