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Remote/Branch Office Backup

Efficient Cloud-first Data Protection, with Central Visibility and Radically Lower TCO

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Central Visibility, Global Scale

  • Centralized Management and visibility of physical and virtual workloads anywhere
  • Global dedupe and a cloud native architecture deliver efficient backup and restore especially in bandwidth challenged environments
  • Cloud native delivers 60% lower TCO over legacy models – No hardware, no software or deployment hassle.
Phoenix Overview: Druva's Remote Server Backup

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Shifting Data Protection Strategies to the Cloud for Remote and Branch Offices

Enterprise data is growing at an exponential rate. This explosion of information places enormous pressure on companies to more efficiently archive, retrieve and manage their data. Compounding this difficulty, any company with remote or branch offices also requires a data protection solution with the flexibility to support the differing needs of both central and distributed sites.

Find out how a cloud-native ROBO data protection strategy adds true value:

  • No hardware, distributed data protection
  • DR on-demand with central visibility
  • Automated storage tiering
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Lower your TCO by 3X

Phoenix delivers a new level of pricing transparency, pay only for what you use – leveraging our native cloud architecture, auto-tiered storage and efficient global deduplication you can achieve 60% lower TCO over legacy models.

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Next Steps

Simplified Data Protection for Remote & Branch Offices

Simplified Data Protection for Remote & Branch Offices

See how to make the business case for moving your remote office/branch office data protection solution to the cloud to satisfy your business and legal requirements.

How your remote office backup can benefit from the cloud

Data Protection in 2017: Cloud is the Future

Wondering what data protection will look like in 2017? In this report, ESG provides new research on what is driving the need for better data protection and recovery in organizations of all sizes with major trends pointing to the cloud as the ultimate game changer.

“My favorite thing about Phoenix is the simplicity. I love the console; easy to get what you need.”

Adam Kailian, IT Systems Administrator at Build Group and Phoenix user