Long term data retention

Data retention that’s radically simple

Decrease storage costs even as data volumes grow

Lower overall data protection costs up to 50% with automated storage efficiency, scale and intelligent storage tiering. Druva cloud data retention improves recovery time objectives compared to offsite tape systems.

Inclusive cloud archive and data protection

What makes Druva different

Single-click enablement of cloud data retention across Amazon S3 storage tiers as well as the option to back up directly to cold storage. Predictable cloud costs with consumption-based pricing and no egress charges.

Reduce data protection costs

  • Extraordinary storage efficiency & scale drives down costs
  • Automated movement of data into Amazon S3 cold storage
  • Source deduplication across all storage tiers optimizes cloud storage

Ease of Use

  • Unified console for backup, recovery, archival and disaster recovery
  • No limit to the number of backups in Amazon S3 cold storage
  • Single-click enablement

Simplify data protection and archiving

  • Global search across warm and cold storage tiers
  • Lower recovery time objectives compared to offsite tape
  • Cloud provides forcing event to eliminate tape systems

Your benefits

Removes cost and complexity associated with data protection and long-term retention. Faster restores of cold data compared to offsite tape systems.

The big win for us came from the SaaS model that Druva provides….it enabled us to reduce TCO through long term data retention and storage. A massive cost reduction for us.

David Peace, Network & Security Administrator
Ipswich Grammar School

Modern data retention

  • Automated tiering of backup data into Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive
  • Direct to cold storage backup/archive option for large file types with infrequent access*   
  • Single fixed price for global storage vs. customer-owned AWS account

Intelligent reuse of data

  • Smart, global search of data across all storage tiers regardless of age
  • Easier data access for business analytics vs. tape systems
  • Enhance business insights with data retained for compliance and legal requirements

Unique in the industry

  • Optimize storage costs by matching data value and restore needs to storage tier
  • Automatically prepares data for Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive
  • Faster data restores from cold storage compared to off-site tape systems
*Infrequent access tier which enables direct-to-cold storage is in early release with limited availability

Solution features

Data retention policies orchestrate intelligent data tiering freeing up IT from manual data management. Cloud data retention offers high durability, better storage optimization (one copy of data), built-in ransomware protection, and better use of dedicated hardware and software.

How it works

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Druva automates cloud backup and long-term data retention

Solution brief

Druva’s cloud data retention delivers immediate cost savings

Customer success

Cloud data retention reduced TCO for Ipswich Grammar School

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