AWS and Druva customer stories for next generation data management and protection

Sabina Joseph, Head of Global Partnerships at AWS, and Timm Hoyt, VP of Global Partner Sales & Alliances at Druva, discuss how well-known companies — like GameStop and Allergan — have enhanced their data management and protection with Druva, built on AWS.

Length: 1:56

How Druva and AWS are serving 4,000 customers together

Timm Hoyt, VP of Global Partner Sales & Alliances at Druva, shares how over 4,000 customers are leveraging a cloud-native data protection offering — brought to you by Druva and AWS. Learn about the nature data plays in customers day to day operations and how it allows them to keep their emphasis of leveraging a cloud native data protection offering on an infinitely scalable platform.

Length: 1:13

Druva and AWS: Data Management for the Cloud Era

Watch Sabina Joseph, Head of Global Partnerships at AWS, discuss how AWS and Druva are partnering together to drive solutions that store and protect customers’ data worldwide.

Length: 1:50

Druva on AWS Snowball Edge

Chief Technologist W. Curtis Preston explains how Druva Phoenix customers operating in bandwidth- or connectivity-challenged locations can use Druva-preconfigured AWS Snowball Edge storage devices — at no extra cost — to protect their data.

Length: 1:22

Build Group's Migration to the Cloud with Druva

Adam Kailian, Build Group’s IT Systems Administrator, discusses how the company reduced complexity, improved end-user usage, and how deduplication has helped cut down its storage needs. Build Group isn’t worried about backups anymore!

Length: 2:16

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Introducing Mike Palmer, Chief Product Officer at Druva

Mike Palmer is Druva's new Chief Product Officer. This is your chance to learn about his vision for the future of cloud data management and cloud computing, as well as the market opportunity for Druva.

Length: 2:39

2018 State of Virtualization In The Cloud Survey

Cloud adoption continues to be a major initiate for organizations. Watch this video to learn about the survey: the respondents, drivers, and gaps.

Length: 1:38

Druva at VMworld 2018: The Cube Highlights

Watch Druva CEO Jaspreet Singh and VP Dave Packer discuss digital transformation and how Druva comes into play. How do we manage data holistically for multi-cloud, and what are the key trends in the change of data?

Length: 14:03

The Good, Bad, & The Ugly of Deduplication

Dedupe has brought a lot of good to the backup world, but with that good has come some bad & ugly. Learn about the latest in how dedupe is evolving.

Length: 4:36

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

Does the 3-2-1 rule still make sense?

The 3-2-1 rule is a rule of thumb from years ago about the proper way to do backups. Does it apply to cloud backups, and if so, do cloud backups conform to this rule, or the reasons it was created?

Length: 3:15

Why and How to Backup EC2 VMs

Do you need to backup your EC2 VMs? Yes! This video explains why, and the different ways to accomplish backing them up.

Length: 3:28

How Druva Simplifies Device Refreshes and Upgrades for ServiceNow

“Dicko Shahvekilian, Manager of End User System Engineering at ServiceNow, shares how leveraging inSync simplifies device refreshes and upgrades”

Length: 2:02

Does the GDPR Right to be Forgotten apply to backups?

The General Data Protection Regulation is now in effect, and it includes the right of erasure in Article 17, otherwise known as the right to be forgotten. One question on the minds of many people is whether or not this right applies to backups.

Length: 4:18

GDPR and the right of consent

The concept of consent under GDPR is very different than how many countries view the same idea. Companies seeking to be more GDPR compliant should make sure they understand this core concept upon which the entire GDPR is based.

Length: 4:59

GDPR Data Types to "Forget" Under GDPR

Eugenia Bugogly (Director of Legal and DPO) and W. Curtis Preston (Chief Technical Architect) discuss the various types of data that a company might be asked to forget or modify via the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Length: 5:20

Druva inSync: Protect and govern data across endpoints and cloud applications

Learn how Druva inSync can manage data availability and governance across multiple end-user data sources, mitigating business risks and aiding business continuity without impacting employee productivity.

Length: 3:18

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

This Is My Architecture

Learn how Druva provides data protection and management services at scale with AWS building blocks.

Length: 7:20

How to Recover from a Ransomware Attack

There are a number of security vulnerabilities that expose organizations to ransomware. Here is how ransomware gets in and what organizations can do to recover successfully and quickly from an attack.

Length: 3:03

Solution: Converged Data Protection

IDC: Unified Data Governance and Compliance with Druva

IDC shows how Druva inSync provides the needed data visibility and governance.

Length: 1:54

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Data Protection for SaaS Applications: The Hidden Risks

User error, departing employees or malicious attacks put your organization at risk for permanent data loss within SaaS applications like Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce.

Length: 2:31

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Leveraging the Cloud to Speed eDiscovery While Reducing Risk and Cost

Legal hold data requests today expand far beyond traditional email server requirements. As data volumes increase, Legal and IT teams can no longer continue to rely on legacy eDiscovery processes that are both inefficient and costly.

Length: 8:24

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Customer Spotlight: LACCD, CNSI, CLEAResult

Watch our customer spotlight video to hear about some of our customers' firsthand experiences with inSync.

Length: 3:39

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Druva Tech Moments: Deduplication Explained

Three things about deduplication you ought to know: Location, Logic, and Scale. What do they mean? And how does it work?

Length: 4:37

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Druva Tech Moments: Elastic Cloud Platform Architecture

Dave Packer, from Druva product team, goes under the hood to explain Druva unique elastic cloud architecture which is the foundation of both inSync and Phoenix.

Length: 6:59

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Druva Tech Moments: Full Text Search Indexing

Dave Packer from Druva's product team explains full text searching indexing, a fundamental part of Druva's unique elastic cloud architecture. With full text indexing, businesses can gain greater insight on available data to understand data at risk and address compliance requirements.

Length: 8:24

Solution: Converged Data Protection

Druva Tech Moments: Split Key Encryption Explained

Dave Packer, from our inSync product team, takes a moment to explain Druva's approach to encryption using the two factor encryption model.

Length: 7:19

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

ESG Data Protection in a BYOD World

One of the most complicated areas of data protection in IT today has to be around securing the data on endpoint devices (laptops and tablets).

Length: 8:15

Solution: Data Protection for BYOD

Gartner: How to Build a Successful Governance Strategy

Gain expert advice to help you create a successful program for data governance from Sheila Childs, Managing VP at Gartner.

Length: 21:17

Solution: eDiscovery for Endpoints