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Why Druva is the right data center backup solution for VMware customers

We all have stories to tell. But today, these stories are being shaped by a pandemic that continues to run its course around the world. In your stories, maybe you’re recapping a family game night you just hosted on FaceTime, or sharing tips from a Zoom cooking class you just attended. Maybe you’re proud that you just binge-watched Ozark for the second time in two days. Whatever the case may be, we’ve all seen how COVID-19 is shaping our personal experiences —as well as our professional ones. I’d like to share with you some stories from Druva’s customers — the companies that turned to Druva before all of this happened to help with something a little more tangible, their VMware data center backup solution — and how COVID-19 is shaping their story with Druva today.

Druva’s VMware story

Druva has been partnering with VMware for over 5 years to build solutions for customers that satisfy their data center backup and recovery software needs. Our teams work together to address some of the more common pain points our customers experience: Wanting to eliminate a secondary colocation/DR site, looking for a more scalable data center backup solution that can grow as the company does, or quite simply, realize the cost savings and efficiencies that a 100% cloud-based VMware data center backup solution can provide.

Our relationship at its core: VMware modernizes data center infrastructure, and Druva modernizes data center backup. A match made in heaven? We think so.

And as every industry starts to dip its toes into exploring the cloud and how they can capitalize on the benefits of the cloud for data storage and management, VMware and Druva are also there to help. By developing a hybrid cloud solution with Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware can continue to deliver infrastructure and processes familiar to IT, allowing them to remain in control no matter where their VMware environments reside. Where does Druva fit into this VMware Cloud on AWS story? Our 100% SaaS data protection solution is powered by and built on top of AWS microservices, so enterprises can truly experience the benefits of cloud’s speed, scalability, and flexibility without being tied down to constricting backup hardware or appliances.

With that, I’ll introduce our first joint customer — one who realized that protecting a modern cloud infrastructure (VMware Cloud on AWS) with a legacy on-premises solution was really not the right approach.

The University of Manchester’s journey to cloud with VMware and Druva

A longtime VMware customer, The University of Manchester’s data growth was increasing at a rate of approximately 200 VMs per year. And with this trajectory year over year, The University decided to engage with AWS to expand its VM infrastructure into the cloud, with VMware Cloud on AWS.

The reason for this expansion was the flexibility and agility for growth that the cloud allowed, but The University’s IT team realized that their current on-premises solution simply couldn’t help them realize that they’d have to use a piece of hardware to store backups from the cloud, requiring a large network overhead to transport backups and snapshots. Didn’t it make more sense to keep that data where it came from (and was the most secure)? So, The University of Manchester turned to Druva to take full advantage of the AWS platform, achieving 50% reduction in storage costs by switching to the cloud for data center backup.

(Note: Druva’s VP of Sales covered a detailed account of The University of Manchester in this blog)

How is The University working with Druva and VMware today?

As The University of Manchester expands its research initiatives, like contributing to the fight against COVID-19, they will look to VMware Cloud on AWS and Druva to scale as they do. With a newly formulated rapid response research group, The University’s researchers are working together with their local, national, and international community of clinical colleagues. The sheer amount and distribution of this critical research data from hundreds of researchers will be imperative to protect as these professionals work to find ways to beat COVID-19. And with Druva, The University’s IT team can ensure this data will never be disrupted or lost to continue supporting that effort.

Industry behemoth GulfMark Offshore simplifies data protection with Druva

Let’s go back to the reason why customers work with VMware and Druva together: VMware offers a modern approach to data center infrastructure, and Druva offers a modern approach to data center backup.  With that in mind, I’ll share GulfMark Offshore’s story with you.

Druva customer GulfMark Offshore merged with Tidewater Inc. about two years ago, creating the world’s largest global offshore service vessel operator.  Not only did this merger mean that the company was now operating the world’s largest fleet, it also meant that the company was now taking on a geographically dispersed workforce and multiple remote office/server locations (some servers even residing on the vessels themselves!).

While GulfMark was using VMware for its data center infrastructure, its data center backup solution was a different story: multiple backup technologies (including tape) contributed to a complex infrastructure that was inefficient and costly to manage. By modernizing data center backup/archival and moving to a cloud-based system, the GulfMark Offshore team can now rest assured that anywhere from HQ to the deep sea that their VMware infrastructure is protected. And, because Druva’s centralized, globally managed platform is 100% SaaS, there is absolutely zero infrastructure required for their remote offices or vessels.

What Gulfmark’s Druva story looks like today

By partnering with VMware and Druva, the leaders in software virtualization and SaaS data protection, respectively, GulfMark has essentially invested in a future-proof IT platform. Even as Covid-19 disrupts the supply and demand of goods around the world (and the transportation for said goods), GulfMark Offshore can be confident that the infrastructure behind how their employees and systems operate will not waver. Druva is committed to continuing to deliver 24×7 global support availability and zero service disruption to all our customers, no exceptions.  And with Druva’s SaaS model, if GulfMark Offshore does end up scaling back operations, Druva will scale down too — so GulfMark Offshore continues to pay only for the data storage and backup they need.

How to start your own story with Druva

So, you’ve now heard the story of two very different customers, both running their data center infrastructure on VMware and their backup infrastructure on Druva. It’s not the fact that they’re from two different industries (one higher education, one supply chain management and logistics) that helped them shape their stories, or the fact that they both turned to Druva for their data center backup software needs — it’s why they did this for their own customers and employees that ultimately shaped their stories with Druva, and how they continue to work with us to extract that value no matter what is happening in the world today.

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