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Does your cloud backup solution provide full data visibility?

How often have you wanted to search across multiple backup sets but didn’t have a way to do it? “Too often” is my guess.

“Searching” older backup systems generally means browsing the backup catalog to locate sets for restore. Newer backup systems improve on this situation by enabling content and metadata searches across the backup system. But few backup vendors offer true federated search: the ability to aggregate search results from multiple storage nodes.

Why is Federated Search So Rare?

Because the vast majority of backup systems are exactly that: strictly backup. Backup exists for restores and compliant data retention. Content and metadata searching are invaluable for quickly locating backed up information. But the backup data is still siloed and searchers must issue different queries to other storage environments.

Doing Things Right in the Cloud

The exception to searching backup silos is storing and searching federated storage nodes in the cloud. The cloud will store not only backup but also other data types such as replicated snapshots, file sharing repositories, and active data warehouses. Intelligent cloud software centrally administers policies, multi-tenancy and management. It also enables federated search across multiple storage nodes in the cloud.

It’s Not Just IT Who Gain

Federated search across multiple storage nodes enables many searchers to quickly find the information they need from a variety of data sources with benefits for many different departments.

Users Federated Search Benefits
Backup administrators Prove data retention and locate backup files
Compliance officers and auditors Prove compliance, track activity
In-house attorneys eDiscovery
Marketing and sales Locate digital assets

The Bigger Picture: Compliance and Visibility

Within the confines of user/role access control, federated search makes it easy for these searchers to find the data they need in the cloud. But as we explain in 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cloud Backup, having IT control in the cloud is about more than just federated search. For compliance purposes, detailed audit trails track all administrator and user activity. Real-time visibility is another valuable feature for effective cloud management.

Another advantage for heavily regulated industries is a cloud provider who holds all requisite industry certifications for its data centers and cloud operations. The provider’s compliant measures protect their customers against security errors and non-compliance.

Ultimately a controlled cloud environment enables IT to accelerate search processes using federated search, and to centralize data in a highly secure and policy-driven cloud environment.