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10 Most Common Endpoint Backup Mistakes: How to Avoid Them recently published a slideshow based on the Druva white paper Top 10 Endpoint Backup Mistakes.

By Chris Preimesberger, as published on eWeek

Backing Up Only Desktops and Servers
According to recent studies, an impressive 28 percent of all corporate data is stored exclusively on laptops, smartphones and tablets. The modern workforce is increasingly mobile, so companies that rely solely on desktop backup put more than a quarter of their enterprise data at risk. Only about 35% percent of laptops are backed up, which means a large majority of corporate laptops are vulnerable to data loss.

Using Legacy Server Backup Software Repurposed for Devices
Software such as this only works in highly predictive environments where devices are backed up on a schedule and over a secure high-bandwidth connection. When these legacy server backup systems are repurposed for endpoint backup, they lose effectiveness. Faster, nonintrusive backups, the ability to work over networks without a VPN and flexible, opportunistic scheduling are absolutely critical features for endpoint backup.

Believing All Deduplication Products are Created Equal
Device-created data is growing exponentially, and bandwidth speeds are not increasing enough to deal with the influx of data. In order to deal with this large gap, companies should look for packages with deduplication technology. These packages eliminate data duplication across all users within the enterprise – duplications that can account for up to 80 percent or an organization’s data.

Forgetting About the User Experience
When the backup process is intrusive, employees tend to skip necessary backup sessions. An effective backup package must include bandwidth and CPU throttling capabilities and WAN optimization to provide end users with a nonintrusive user experience. Backup packages that are unobtrusive ensure that users will not meddle with or disengage the software as it backs up all of their valuable data.

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