Data Management-as-a-Service

Protection, Governance and Intelligence in a Single Platform

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Druva’s Data Management as a Service delivers:

Savings through intelligent Storage

Savings Through Intelligent Storage

Auto-tiering, global deduplication, ever incremental and cold storage combined, significantly lowers TCO.

Simplification of data Management processes

Simplification of Data Management Process

Gain efficiencies with visibility, manageability and policy automation across your entire data footprint.

Scalability without limits

Scalability Without Limits

A fully cloud architected platform that easily scales into the Petabytes and provides global reach.

Security by design to the highest standards

Security by Design to the Highest Standards

HIPAA, SOC-2 and FedRAMP (in-process) audited ensures the highest level of security integrity for your data.

Druva Cloud Platform

The only as-a-service solution to unify end point, infrastructure, and cloud applications as a single de-duplicated dataset to bring not only data protection, but also data governance and intelligence.

Druva Cloud Platform Unique Cloud Technology

Time-indexed Metadata

Time-indexed Metadata

Global Scale-outDe-duplication

Global Scale-out De-duplication





Highly Elastic Search and Analytics

Highly Elastic Search and Analytics

Secure, Global Deployments

Complete Security & Privacy

Over 20+ certifications which comply with the strictest needs for your global organization.

Global Reach, with Centralized Visibility

With 30+ customer-selectable regions worldwide, Druva offers on-demand scale to any global organization’s need.

Secure Global Deployments

All Your Data,
A Single Point of Management

  • Data Protection — including backup, availability, disaster recovery and workload mobility — ensures your data is available and recoverable regardless of the source.
  • Data Governance — enabling archive, compliance, eDiscovery and Data sovereignty, simplifies the process of meeting increasing data compliance and inquiry requests events become simple.
  • Data Intelligence — providing predictive early assessment, data forensics and information lifecycle management to stay ahead of business data risks.

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“We now efficiently manage the full lifecycle of data across time, device and geography. Druva makes this possible.”

Shah Nawaz, Director of IT, Shire