Why you need a cloud solution for Salesforce backup

Salesforce contains business-critical information such as accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, cases, files, attachments as well as custom objects created by any third-party applications such as Marketo and FinancialForce. Your business depends on this data for revenue and customer service every day.

In addition to this critical data, there is also the metadata of your Salesforce instance that defines how you use and interact with your critical data. This includes configuration settings, such as custom fields, page layouts, workflows, reports, dashboards, as well as custom codes like Apex and Visualforce.

Despite implementing some of the best practices surrounding Salesforce data security and access control, organizations have experienced scenarios where they have had to approach Salesforce to recover from a precarious situation. This is not only costly but can be an inefficient solution, and businesses are increasingly turning to cloud for Salesforce backup.

Why do I need Salesforce backup?

There are numerous reasons why you need a third-party solution for Salesforce backup of your critical data and metadata.

  • It’s recommended by Salesforce: Salesforce recommends a third-party backup solution with management tools such as data loader. It’s very easy to mass delete or update records.
  • Costly affair to restore data: states that it will cost you a minimum of $10,000 if you lose your records and rely on Salesforce to restore your data.
  • Accidental deletions: System administrators or the developers can make mistakes that may lead to the corruption of your data or configuration settings.
  • Malicious intent: Insider threats are real and a disgruntled employee can cause major harm if they go rogue and decide to destroy Salesforce records.
  • Limited recycle bin: The Salesforce recycle bin only retains data for 15 days, which may not be adequate time to discover accidental or malicious deletions.
  • Lengthy, manual process to restore: It can take 6 to 8 weeks to restore your data from Salesforce and it is a completely manual process – this could cost your organization millions!

The challenges of using Salesforce alone for backup?

Due to the manual recovery process tasked to Salesforce, recovering your data is costly ($10,000). The reason for this cost is that it requires “multiple Applied Engineering resources to get the backups and recover the database.”1 Salesforce states it can take up to 15 days just to “rewind” your server to a specific point in time and then it requires additional time to export your recovered data. But, the recovery cost should not be the only reason why you should not rely on Salesforce backup.

Let’s say there’s accidental data corruption in your organization and you happen to lose important accounts that contain essential data and need to restore it quickly. If you are relying on Salesforce’s native .CSV weekly backup, then you will need to upload all of the .CSV files to restore the data, and have to re-establish the parent-child relationships manually.

Now, after you go through this restore process, you’re probably thinking, “Wait a second, where is my metadata? What about all the customizations?” The restored .CSV files do not provide metadata restoration – all of your customization settings will have to be reapplied before you get back to full operations. In short, there are multiple points of failures in this restore process and it is going to take at least 6 to 8 weeks to recover all of your precious Salesforce data.

Do you now realize why Salesforce recommends a third-party backup and recovery solution?

How can Druva protect your Salesforce organization?

Druva inSync is the recognized leader in SaaS data protection, providing complete control of Salesforce backup and recovery for Salesforce data and metadata.

Druva inSync allows you to backup multiple Salesforce orgs that include each org’s standard and custom objects (with parent-child) relationships, as well as the metadata for the Salesforce org. By creating point-in-time snapshots that include both your org’s data and metadata, you have the ability to recover from multiple failure scenarios, quickly and easily.

If you happen to lose any precious data, there is no need to worry. With Druva inSync, you can easily compare any two point-in-time snapshots or do a bulk, cross org restore of the desired data and metadata in no time!

Here are the key highlights of Druva inSync Salesforce protection solution:

  • Supports multiple Salesforce orgs — production and sandbox
  • Protects all standard and custom objects, files, attachments, and the metadata
  • Point-in-time snapshots on the cloud allow Salesforce administrators to easily recover from any situation
  • Provides on-demand and administrator-scheduled backup (as frequent as every 4 hours)
  • Provides details about which objects were added to the org, which were either deleted or edited for an instant action
  • Provides long-term retention
  • Restore any deleted or updated record and metadata by simply comparing two point-in-time snapshots and recover the parent-children relationships as well
  • Provides bulk, cross org restore to recover from any disaster or to seed any sandbox.
  • Download any object or metadata from any point-in-time snapshot
  • Support for Salesforce administrators to set API limits
  • Monitoring, reporting, and email alert features to your data backup visible

Druva inSync provides an industry-recognized, comprehensive, and secure protection solution for your Salesforce data and metadata. You don’t need to worry about any manual efforts, and can seamlessly continue with your daily operations while Druva protects your Salesforce org.

Learn more about how Druva provides a cloud-native backup solution for your Salesforce data.

1, 2020