Welcome to DxP, the flagship cloud data protection summit

Druva is bringing together visionaries, leaders and practitioners for the first ever summit  dedicated to data protection, driving digital transformation initiatives and re-imagining your cloud strategy.

Welcome to DxP: Cloud Data Protection Summit 2020, a virtual half-day event.

As companies accelerate their digital transformation journeys, data is more valuable than ever — whether it is used to enable remote work or to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges such as finding new vaccines. But data has also never been more at risk as organizations face increased cyberattacks, intensifying and more frequent natural disasters, increasingly stringent data privacy regulations, and simple human error from distributed teams.

Customers are demanding digital solutions, remote employees need secure access to data and ransomware attacks continue to rise. In turn, businesses are shifting applications to the cloud and rapidly adopting SaaS as well as cloud-native services. However, managing these rapid transitions, while being held back by legacy hardware and software has left organizations incredibly vulnerable.

The reality is, the full value of data can only be realized when it’s fully protected. Only cloud data protection has the proven scale, security and capabilities to meet today’s needs while enabling tomorrow’s business agility.

Featuring engaging keynotes from some of the world’s most prominent and disruptive cloud and SaaS companies, DxP attendees will have the chance to join a variety of educational talks, product demonstrations and real-world case studies across four talk tracks:

  • Data center digitization and cloud migration
  • Protecting cloud environments
  • Protecting the remote workforce
  • Cyber resilience and information security

Attendees will not only learn about cloud data protection successes, you will also have opportunities to network and collaborate virtually with a community of your peers. By the end of the event, you can be confident you will walk away better informed and more prepared, with all the tools necessary, to drive your organization into the cloud era.

Be one of the first 400 to register for DxP 2020 to get an exclusive gift, and we look forward to seeing you on November 17 where together we will realize the true value of data.