The Second Anniversary of GDPR

The GDPR was a landmark ruling that transformed the landscape of data privacy. Not only did it usher in a new conversation regarding privacy and user data, it also meant a host of new regulations for businesses that collect and store that data. Along with the institution of new fines, GDPR has also set up a new arena for companies to compete in terms of customer relations. With a series of high profile data breaches on the minds of the public, it is clear that consumer data protection is an issue that we will have to continue to grapple with.

Join Stephen Manley and W. Curtis Preston as they discuss all the quirks and interesting repercussions of the GDPR, as well as get into what it means for companies and consumers during this Covid-19 crisis.

In this podcast you will learn more about:

  • The changes in IT infrastructure that have been made as a result of GDPR.
  • The worst types of companies when it comes to data security.