The Pets of Druva

Is there any better way for a team to bond than to share our experiences with our pets? While we don’t have a “bring your dog to work” day — at least not yet — many Druva employees are cheerfully owned by cats, dogs, and other critters.

Herewith we share just a few of the pets that inspire us to create great software. We think this will start out your day with an Awwwww….

David Stoltenberg, Web Designer


This is Lulu! She’s a chihuahua mix, and is 6 years old.


This is her brother Rudy; he’s a 3-year-old miniature pinscher mix. Their hobbies include sleeping, barking, and pooping where they aren’t supposed to.

Amruta Phansalkar, Technical Writer


The first photo features Tasha — Amruta’s first canine companion, now 8 years old. Tasha is a crossbreed, with a Cocker Spaniel mother and a Pomeranian daddy. “Tasha is my friend, companion, and the love of my life. It is just amazing to know that you can understand someone without having to express yourself in words.”


Five months ago, Tasha became a mother to Ted, an absolute bundle of joy.

Pronoy Banerjee, Support Engineer


Maffy is a rescued mixed breed dalmatian. She’s 6 and a half years old now.

Katrina Azucena, Events Manager


Roscoe, a, French Bulldog – Boston Terrier mix, is 6 years old.

Sarah Beaudoin, Media and Analyst Relations Manager


Here’s Rocky, 6 years old, and a thoroughbred. Trivia: he was a racehorse and he’s Canadian. His real name is Rockport Missile but that’s only for “official” purposes!

Alexandra Call, Technology Consultant


Wolfe is a 13-year-old Wolfesable Pomeranian.

Piyush Lal, Technical Support Engineer


Piyush is pictured here with his three German Shepherds: (left to right) Dexter, 1 year old; Max, 1.5 years; and  Oblix, 11 months.

Ellis Luk, Social Marketing Manager


Moosie is a French Bulldog who’s 4 years old. She dislikes taking photos, enjoys chasing reflections, and farts a lot.

Jennifer Schneider, Staff Accountant


Jac Daniels, who turned 11 in June, is a Scottish Fold, but did not get the folded ears. She used to play catch, but now she just catches and doesn’t return because she’s lazy. She drools a lot when she’s happy.

Gautam Khadse, Customer Account Manager


Gautam is shown here with dachshunds Coco (1.5 years old) , Mojo (1.5), and Bongo (the black one, 6 months old).

Esther Schindler, Blog Editor


Esther Schindler is at the beck and call of Meriwether, a Selkirk Rex cat (a relatively new breed that’s long-haired and curly… like his owner). His cousin Shaka is hiding out, as usual.

Karen Ambrose Hickey, senior marketing manager


Karen’s doing her best to keep  Socks and Cinnamon — sister and brother — from knowing where the tuna fish is kept.

Marcello Dugatti, IT Manager

Leo, the destroyer. No toy has ever lasted him more than an hour. He’s a 4-year old, retriever-hound-pit mix.

Vishal A. Ekhe, QA Lead

…and  flowerhorn fish from Vishal’s tank.