Navigating via the data North Star


In Sanskrit, Druva means “North Star” and we carry this through to our purpose of helping our partners navigate their customers to find their own North Star for their data. Data is the lifeblood to any organization and it is growing 61% to 175 Zettabytes by 20251 across diverse platforms, applications, and distributed locations. In parallel, driven by the public cloud, businesses are transforming their IT decision making as traditional solutions are struggling to keep pace with modern needs, for both end users and channel partners alike.

The data protection landscape is at the center of this transformation evidenced in the past year with $1B of investor money having flowed into vendors to help modernize this space. Druva was recently recognized as leading this disruption via new investors to fuel innovation and partner enablement.

Druva’s mission is to help customers protect, govern and gain useful insights out of their data, and we want our partners to be part of the journey, navigating customers through digital transformation via the adoption of a cloud-native SaaS platform for data protection. This modern data protection architecture is more cost effective, simple, secure and future-proof than anything available from legacy on-prem or hybrid cloud offerings.

Based on feedback from our partners, we have built a new partner program to help guide them and their customers through the cloud journey while operating in a new economic model driven by the public cloud.

Welcome to Druva Compass.

The goal of Druva Compass is to help partners successfully navigate areas of customer success, partner profitability, and self-sufficiency. This will be delivered via:

  • Skills enhancement with a new cloud-focused accreditation program
  • Sustained profitability with recurring margins for the entirety of the customer engagement
  • Customer success with industry-leading data protection for a cloud era solutions
  • Turnkey campaigns to execute successful go-to-market and sales motions

For more details on joining our program, visit the Druva Compass page.

1Source: Network World