Lost Laptops: A Billion Dollar Problem

This weekend I came across an incredible report – “The Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Problem” (PDF), published by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Intel. The report highlighted the (true) fact that enterprises are losing billions of dollars from lost laptops.

The report surveyed 329 enterprises to find that they had lost 86,455 laptops in past one year.  Using another report “Cost of a Lost Laptop” (PDF), they quantified the total loss for the surveyed enterprise to be $2.2  Billion.

Here is the quick math from both these reports –

  1. On an avg. 9.44% of corporate laptops are lost/damaged every year
  2. Education and health care face the highest risk of about 10.5%
  3. 76% of these laptops are lost off-site or during transit
  4. 46% of laptops contain confidential data
  5. Combining the loss of business, confidential data, time and hardware the avg. cost of lost laptop is $25,000
  6. Backup and encryption can significantly reduce the cost (by approx. 40%)

I would be on my way to India this Tuesday evening. Will make sure my data is backed up and I don’t take it out at Starbucks 🙂