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Jenkon transforms its business and operating models with the cloud

Since the 1970s, Jenkon has worked to become an established name in direct selling software and technology. Its leadership began over 40 years ago with the industry’s first fully automated commissions processing systems. It continues today with Jenkon’s cloud platforms for omni-channel and e-commerce sales, retail customers, and online social communities.

With more and more data and use cases supporting the benefits of the cloud, Jenkon’s leadership was eager to shift its on-premises solutions to a modular cloud architecture to delight its customers like Tupperware and Unliever.

Part of its digital transformation included consolidating physical servers into Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs) to manage business critical data such as financials, payroll, internal data processing, code repositories, and file servers. It also migrated from Microsoft Exchange on-premises to Microsoft 365 to leverage Exchange Online, OneDrive, and SharePoint Online.

While Jenkon successfully transitioned its software development and platforms to the cloud, as well as its internal infrastructure for uptime, reliability, and resilience, it was still dependent on on-premises solutions for disaster recovery (DR) and backup.

Solving for Microsoft’s vulnerabilities 

For years Jenkon backed up VMs on-premises with Quest NetVault where they were stored in a storage area network (SAN). Not only was this risky from a DR perspective, but after Jenkon migrated from Exchange on-premises to Microsoft 365, it wasn’t backing up that data at all.

Instead, it relied on Microsoft’s replication capabilities, which exposed it to data loss or corruption. Were this data to become compromised, Microsoft couldn’t help Jenkon’s team recover. So, it put its trust in the Druva Cloud Platform to protect its VM and Microsoft 365 data.

Leveraging cloud-native data protection with Druva enabled Jenkon to meet its core requirement: storing VM and SaaS application backups in the cloud so it could be prepared for any type of disaster, and recover flexibly and efficiently. 

Druva enabled Jenkon to eliminate its concerns with Microsoft 365 data. IT Manager Leo Rodriguez said, “The Druva Cloud Platform protects us if an employee leaves the company. If we need to recover an email from a departed employee or documents stored in OneDrive after Microsoft’s 60-day time period, Druva enables us to recover it from the cloud and restore it as needed.”

Delivering fast VM recovery

Not long after partnering with Druva, one of the physical blades hosting some of Jenkon’s VMs failed. “After we fixed the issue with the blades, all VMs migrated as expected, and there were no backup failures. I never went into the Druva management console to update anything. Druva continued working as intended, giving us the uptime, reliability, and resilience we needed,” said Leo.

This recovery effort demonstrated to Jenkon management that it made the right decision with Druva for DR. Druva enabled Leo to prove that Jenkon’s business-critical data, including customer data, is secure in the Druva Cloud Platform.

Looking to learn more?

Watch the free on-demand webinar to explore how Druva simplifies Microsoft 365 backup to meet enterprise needs. Read the full Jenkon case study to learn how the company reduced costs by 4X, resources required to manage backups by 3X, as well as facilitated compliance with SOX, GDPR, and PCI.