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How can SMBs modernize their data protection?

Many companies struggle with the challenges of effective backup and recovery. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) struggle in particular because they often lack the IT resources that are required to manage a comprehensive data protection platform. Despite the affordable cost of protecting data in the cloud, most SMBs have ignored the benefits of backing up their data in the cloud and risk losing valuable data to ransomware attacks and other bad actors. With the Druva Cloud Platform, SMBs can modernize their data protection infrastructure, reduce IT costs, and preserve their brand reputation.

Policy Services UK and its need for effective data protection

Policy Services UK is a Scottish-based and family-run SMB in the financial services industry. The company works predominantly with England-based client St. James’s Palace, which employs a large number of financial advisors. Lewis Barbour, Head of IT for Policy Services UK, is responsible for helping to maintain the reputation of his company and its extended team of St. James’s Palace’s 3,000 advisors, and the 400,000 clients that are managed by those advisors.

Barbour and his team need to make certain that the entire technology infrastructure runs smoothly 24x7x365. This means that the team must ensure that advisors and clients can access policies via a web portal. In terms of the number of clients and policies, the amount of data that this SMB actually stores is massive (about 3.5 terabytes). Barbour’s team is responsible for keeping all of this data protected from data loss and ensure it is backed up should disaster strike.

Compliment a cloud-first strategy with cloud data protection

A few years ago, Policy Services UK’s team was using Zimbra’s email platform for communications, and Barbour’s team was managing on-premises Linux and NAS file servers that were manually backed up nightly to a physical server in London. But, the team was challenged by the cost and complexity of protecting server data, so IT decided to implement a cloud-first strategy to manage all of its data, prevent ransomware attacks, and recover data should a loss occur.

The team migrated to Office 365 and deployed Mimecast to archive emails, but Mimecast didn’t allow IT to easily retrieve email. Additionally, because the company is dealing with a large number of partners and clients, meaning its data volumes will continue to grow, the team realized they needed a proper backup and recovery solution.

Barbour and the team evaluated both Druva and Veeam for Office 365 but quickly discovered that Veeam would have required the company to provide its own Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage, making it much more expensive than Druva’s services. Additionally, it was determined that Veeam wasn’t an optimal choice to backup Linux and NAS file servers. As a result, the team opted for Druva’s services citing its AWS backbone as a key differentiator.

Built on AWS, Druva’s cloud-native platform provides a comprehensive Office 365 backup solution, 24×7 protection for Linux and NAS file servers, and eliminates the hassle associated with legacy backup approaches.

Next Steps

Read the Policy Services UK case study to learn more about how Druva enables the team to restore emails and inboxes 95% faster than before, comply with GDPR, deliver ransomware protection, and protect its brand.

“The cloud backup and recovery solution we have with Druva is a great facilitator of Policy Services’ brand value and our brand reputation. 100% of all data we manage is available 24×7. If we need to go to another office temporarily or set up a new file server in a different location, Druva ensures we have all the backups for Office 365 and our physical servers. We can just pull them down from the cloud, which is a big value add to our brand,” said Barbour.