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Data Governance for the Mobile Enterprise

It’s 2013: do you know where your corporate data is? Not so long ago, the answer would have been relatively simple. From financial spreadsheets to business proposals, product designs, customer lists, and beyond, virtually all company information used to be housed, managed, and readily available on corporate servers or tape—all (or at least most) safely under IT’s thumb.

Today, however, even the most sensitive files are just as likely to be sitting on your CEO’s tablet, your sales manager’s laptop, your HR director’s smartphone, or in a cloud-based storage service. Centralized control has dissolved under the onslaught of mobility, free online file sharing services, changing work habits, and the consumerization of IT. In the process, enterprises have lost security, accountability, and other protections necessary to thwart data thieves, comply with regulatory mandates, and satisfy needs like forensics and legal discovery.

Clearly, governance must be reinvented for the “post- PC” world. Governing devices is not enough, regardless of the mobile device management (MDM) solution. All endpoint data must also be brought under IT control— whether on PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, and whether at rest or in motion—and integrated into a single audit trail. Only then can IT have the full visibility necessary to manage and protect enterprise information assets.

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