Containers & Kubernetes 101

Containers, offering advantages when it comes to efficiency and reliability, continue to facilitate the widespread contemporary move to the cloud. However, with a rising number of computing environments needing to be coordinated, another problem arose. Kubernetes solves this problem and has reached the forefront of the application management and scaling, thus becoming a necessary component for anyone who wants to deploy and manage containerized apps. However, it might not be intuitive as to what relevance this has in the world of data protection.

Join Stephen Manley & W. Curtis Preston as they break down this topic and explain what Druva had to gain by developing in Kubernetes.

In this podcast you will learn more about:

  • The similarities and differences between containers and VM’s.
  • Why containers have seen widespread adoption.
  • How to make getting into the world of Kubernetes and containers less stressful.
  • Why familiarity with both containers and Kubernetes is needed to get the advantages associated with automated application deployment.

Learn more about the advantages and challenges of Kubernetes for developing cloud applications.