AWS partner video series: Why you need to back up the full environment, not just the data

Stephen Manley, CTO of Druva, recently spoke with Bill Vass, VP of Technology at Amazon Web Services (AWS), to discuss the many ways Druva and AWS work together to deliver a secure, 100% software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for endpoint, data center, and cloud workload backup. Over the past few months, Druva has been highlighting this discussion in our AWS partner video series of blogs. To date, the series has covered a range of topics, including how Druva leverages AWS to meet today’s highest security and encryption standards, how The AWS Snow Family of devices accelerates backups to and from the AWS Cloud, and how AWS S3 cloud storage offers a variety of advantages for the long-term retention of customer data

In this final edition of the series, Stephen and Bill consider the ways Druva and AWS enable customers to back up whole software environments rather than just data, so that customers can reproduce findings and conditions from information stored in the Druva Cloud Platform. As organizations look ahead and prepare for future growth, many are increasingly choosing backup methods which enable the storage of their data as well as the larger software model. The advantage to this approach is the recreation of results and data environments which would be inaccessible had they not been saved, and are important considerations for industries such as healthcare, finance, government, and more. Druva brings the expertise to protect these whole environments, including application-aware backups, and leverages proven AWS infrastructure to ensure backups are kept air-gapped for secure storage, threat resistance, and a simple recovery when required. 

Watch the video with Stephen and Bill below to learn more, and visit Druva’s AWS partner page to discover the many ways the two organizations collaborate to provide simple, efficient cloud data protection and backup.