AWS partner video series: Delivering cloud durability

Stephen Manley, CTO of Druva, recently sat down with Bill Vass, VP of Technology at Amazon Web Services (AWS), for a conversation about how Druva and AWS work together to deliver a secure, 100% software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for endpoint, data center, and cloud workload backup. Druva is highlighting this discussion in our ongoing AWS partner video series of blogs. In the first of the series, we examined how Druva leverages proven, resilient cloud architecture from AWS to meet encryption and security requirements for backups, enabling regulatory compliance with the highest industry standards. In the following blog, we explored how The AWS Snow Family of devices (AWS Snowball, AWS Snowcone, and AWS Snowmobile) simplify and accelerate the migration of backup data to and from the AWS Cloud. 

In this edition, Stephen and Bill take a deep-dive into the implementations and adoption trends for Amazon S3 Glacier and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive: secure, durable, and extremely low-cost cloud storage classes for data archiving and long-term storage. Amazon S3’s storage classes are designed to deliver assured durability, and offer customers the unique opportunity to transform the long-term retention of backups, for example those for NAS file servers, and greatly reduce the cost of managing this data – as little as $1 per terabyte monthly. As a SaaS data protection solution built on AWS, Druva leverages Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive to optimize costs while providing a physical separation of customer backup data from production data for secure storage, resistance to threats, and a simple recovery in the event of disaster. 

Explore the advantages of Amazon S3 storage classes with Stephen and Bill in the video below, and stay tuned for the next in our AWS partner video series as we discuss the importance of backing up your full IT environment, beyond just the data.