NAS cloud backup

Protect all NAS devices with NAS cloud backup

Simplify data protection for network attached storage

Network attached storage (NAS) centralizes worldwide access to data, but it also comes with vendor lock-in, management complexity, time-intensive restores, and challenging data protection processes.

NAS backup with the cloud

What makes Druva different

Vendor agnostic NAS backup of single or multiple shares, files and folders in native format to accelerate backups and restores.

High-performance NAS cloud backup

Multiple node and stream backup/restores maximize network and compute availability while increasing backup speeds.

Eliminate hardware, leverage NAS backup in cloud

Lower backup costs compared to disk-to-disk backup solutions. Recover files from any point-in-time backup and storage tier. Single step turns on long-term data retention.

Built-in ransomware protection

Data encrypted in-flight and at rest. Deduplication conceals reference data and metadata. Envelope encryption delivers isolated and immutable backups.


NAS cloud backup reduces total storage use, costs and network utilization with global deduplication. NAS backup without hardware while storing immutable snapshots in the cloud.

Since implementing Druva, we’re now recouping costs as we don’t have to rent physical backup servers … giving us total control of our backup. This is a huge time saver for IT.

Lewis Barbour, Head of IT
Policy Services

Backup/restore any NAS device

  • Supports NFS, CIFS, SMB NAS devices
  • Proxy replaces direct access to storage
  • Parallel backups for large deployments

Smart backups with Smart Scan

  • Metadata search identifies changed data
  • Eliminates repeated backup of all data
  • More efficient incremental backups

NAS cloud backup lowers costs

  • Saving unique data reduces storage use
  • Backup and restore to any NAS platform
  • Legal, compliance data stored on cold tier


Unified data protection that encompasses NAS backup and storage. LAN speed backup and restores across individual files, folders and entire volumes.

How it works

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Customer story

Policy Services protects physical servers, NAS file servers, and Office 365 with Druva Cloud Platform


Druva drives cost out of NAS backup by removing infrastructure costs, maintenance and shadow storage charges


Integrated NAS cloud backup into your long-term technical vision & fundamentally change the way you view your data.