Data Protection Designed for the Public Sector

A FIPS compliant, secure cloud environment to safeguard mobile workforce data

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For federal, state and local government agencies and contractors embracing modern data protection poses a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to security requirements and cloud deployment. Druva inSync enables these organizations to overcome these barriers, delivering a U.S. government compliant cloud environment to keep their data protected around the clock.

451 Research

“The Druva solution allows organizations to operate in a secure cloud environment and adhere to standards such as FIPS.”

Henry Baltazar

Research Director for the Storage Channel, 451 Research

US Government Compliant Cloud

The U.S. Cloud First policy requires that government agencies take full advantage of cloud computing to improve IT flexibility, boost operational efficiency and minimize costs. At the same time, they have to comply to the strict standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

To enable these organizations to protect their sensitive mobile data, inSync supports FIPS and AWS’ GovCloud. GovCloud provides an isolated cloud region designed specifically for U.S. federal, state and local government agencies and contractors to protect their users’ valuable data and adhere to FIPS and ITAR regulations as well as provides FISMA and FedRAMP compliance.

Protect Sensitive End-User Data

With information spread across employees’ mobile devices and cloud services, you need the highest levels of security and data privacy to ensure it’s never lost. That’s why inSync collects, encrypts and stores data meeting FIPS 140-2 requirements. inSync advanced data protection capabilities ensure your data is secure, no matter what happens to devices. And, within AWS GovCloud, inSync employs 2-factor encryption key management so that no one — not even Druva — has access to the underlying data.

Enhance Productivity and Collaboration

With inSync, on-the-go file access and real-time file sharing let your workforce collaborate effectively, while giving IT the tools to administer, monitor and manage usage securely. inSync gives your users anytime, anywhere access to their data from their laptop, mobile apps, or web browser. Teams can securely collaborate and manage team access rights to view, edit and/or upload files.

Enforce Data Policies Without Impacting Users

Agency and contractor information can include sensitive data and research information residing on employee devices and cloud services, having full visibility and control of data is an imperative for IT. With inSync, you can control all aspects of backup, access, and sharing with configurable policies and monitor activity with user audit trails. Complying with regulations, locating mobile data, automating compliance monitoring, conducting eDiscovery, and placing legal holds is all straightforward with inSync’s built-in data governance features — with zero end-user impact.

FedRAMP Support

Already leveraging AWS GovCloud FedRAMP compliance, Druva is additionally currently going through the stringent process of FedRAMP accreditation to provide the extra level of confidence needed by some agencies and departments. For more information or to inquire as to the current state of Druva in the accreditation process please contact for more information.

Government agencies and contractors using Druva include:

National Science Foundation
Department of Veterans Affairs
National Cancer Institute
Lockheed Martin
Public Company Accounting Oversight Board