Customer Story

Integreon protects endpoints and Office 365 with the Druva Cloud Platform, reduces OPEX by 25%


Reduction in overall operational savings


Reduction in labor costs

About Integreon

Integreon is a global leader delivering alternative legal, business, and research support services for law firms, corporations, financial institutions, and professional services companies. With over 2,400 professionals including lawyers, paralegals, statisticians, data analysts, and Six Sigma experts, Integreon provides right-sized programs leveraging emerging best practices, technology, and a data-driven approach to re-engineer core processes and transform the way clients approach their businesses.

The challenge

For Integreon, data protection is critical to both its business operations and reputation, as it provides services to customers worldwide. As such, to protect data on hundreds of laptops it implemented the Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option. But Veritas’ legacy approach became IT resource-intensive and time-consuming, as it didn’t deliver full visibility or provide centralized management of endpoints, which exposed Integreon to vulnerabilities. In addition, Integreon experienced several data loss incidents with Veritas, in which too much time was required to find and restore the data.

Without a dependable backup and recovery solution in place, the organization was at risk of losing corporate data to accidental deletion, laptop thefts, fire, hard drive failures, viruses, and malware. So its CIO decided to search for a new solution that would deliver high-performance backup, remote wipe, and geolocation capabilities for those laptops, as well as SaaS applications. They also needed to enable proactive data collection and preservation across endpoints and cloud applications if legal holds or eDiscovery issues presented.

The solution

With client operations in four continents, Integreon started adopting cloud applications to support its increasingly mobile workforce. To protect its SaaS data and laptops, Integreon wanted a backup and recovery solution that would deliver the same cloud-scale, cost efficiencies, and agility. They found Druva and quickly recognized that it delivers the benefits and economies of scale in the cloud, unlike Veritas’ on-premises solution.

Integreon initially implemented Druva to simplify backup, archival, compliance, and device management for hundreds of laptops. Druva has enabled Integreon to mitigate data loss and intellectual property theft, as backups run automatically in the background with no disruption to the end user. Not only can data on stolen devices be remotely wiped, but the centralized management of all backup data gives the CIO and team the visibility and control they need to maintain the business’s reputation with its clients.

Druva’s single pane of glass for protecting, preserving, and discovering information across endpoints made it the obvious choice to use when Integreon migrated to Office 365. Integreon relies on Office 365 to house business-critical corporate data, but its native data protection capabilities weren’t enough. So, Integreon expanded its Druva deployment to unify Office 365 backups into a single data pool that simplifies search, eDiscovery, and legal holds.


After implementing the Druva Cloud Platform, Integreon saw a 25% reduction in labor costs. Much of this was due to the ability to fully automate what had been tedious, repetitive tasks. Integreon CIO Sanjeev Jain said, “Saving this considerable amount of manpower lets me utilize my staff for things that really require creative brainpower, such as setting up better systems.”

“Instead of maintaining old legacy systems, IT resources can make a real difference, both for Integreon and their own careers. The employees’ feedback has been universally enthusiastic.”

Operationally, Jain estimates a 25% overall savings. Integreon has significantly reduced hardware, software renewal, and maintenance costs. According to Jain, “Deploying Druva inSync has provided tremendous benefits and it is a total technology refresh for us. My company benefits from a one-stop-shop solution, and it’s seamless.”

Jain is particularly impressed with how Druva allows the business to support its own protection needs without involving IT. “End users can select a backup, identify what data and devices need to be protected, and what needs to be restored. The typical way people come to IT to restore the data is no longer required. It’s all automated.”

An additional benefit, according to Jain is that the company can easily place a user’s data on legal hold if required, which was one of the features that differentiated Druva. Jain said he knows of no other data protection solution that can do these things as easily as Druva.


  • Suffered data loss while using Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option to protect endpoints
  • Limited visibility into and no centralized management of endpoint backup/recovery status and vulnerabilities
  • Inability to provide proactive data collection and preservation across endpoints and cloud applications if legal holds or eDiscovery issues presented


  • Druva cloud-native data protection, governance, and recovery for Office 365 and hundreds of endpoints worldwide
  • Centralized management of and visibility into all endpoint and Office 365 data
  • One-click legal hold for any user and easy connection to modern eDiscovery tools

Results with Druva

  • 25% reduction in labor costs
  • 25% overall operational savings by eliminating costs for hardware, licenses, and renewals
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity readiness
  • Fully automated, consistent backup routines for all laptop users