Customer Story

Integreon Unifies Data Management and Increases Productivity with Druva

About Integreon

With numerous offices worldwide supporting over 2,400 associates, Integreon provides integrated legal, discovery, research, and business support solutions that often require exacting legal document management, particularly for eDiscovery and legal holds. Since 1998, Integreon has delivered transformative results, customizing resources to help their clients—from corporate law departments to multinational pharmaceutical companies—save time, energy, and money while focusing on what they do best.

The Challenge

Integreon used traditional tape backup methods for securing client data. It was a proven technology that delivered predictable, reliable results—until growing business demands and skyrocketing volumes of data pushed the system beyond its limits. Keeping 12 to 15 remote servers properly backed-up would often require 20 man-hours a week for a full backup cycle–costing half of a full-time IT-engineer’s salary just for labor.

Relying on offsite tape vaulting meant managing an increasing number of physical tapes, each of which required transport and validation, coming and going. “This was simply not a scalable solution,” said Sanjeev, “and it was particularly labor-intensive when it came to applying and managing data retention and encryption requirements. It was so much busy-work and my teams already have many important things to do!” Tape backup also meant maintaining dedicated hardware and libraries, system licenses, and other overhead.

Along with the challenges of backing up remote servers, Integreon required high-performance backup, remote wipe, and geolocation capabilities for scores of laptops and smart devices.

The Druva Solution

Integreon’s IT group had an absolute commitment to keeping client data secure and recoverable 100% of the time—from diverse worldwide locations—while maintaining strict compliance requirements. At the same time, they had to keep their own operations efficient and productive, minimizing CapEx/OpEx while providing top internal and external service to both clients and internal customers.

In addition, Integreon was clear on the necessity of a cloud-based approach for most all of its business processes. The benefits and the economies of scale were obvious and compelling.

Integreon first deployed Druva InSync; it provides a single pane of glass for protecting, preserving, and discovering information across Integreon endpoints and SaaS applications, dramatically increasing the availability and visibility of their business-critical data while reducing costs, risk, and complexity. inSync also provides the ability to easily put all of a given user’s data on legal hold with a single click. This includes all data from that user, whether on a desktop, laptop, mobile device, or in a SaaS application.

Integreon then added Druva Phoenix to centrally manage remote-office protection in the cloud. Phoenix delivers data availability and governance for enterprise infrastructure with a unique cloud-first approach—combining high-performance, scalable backup, DR, archival, and analytics to simplify data protection, improve visibility, and further reduce costs.


After switching to Druva’s cloud solutions, Integreon saw a 70% reduction in labor costs. Much of this was due to the ability to fully automate what had been tedious, repetitive tasks. “Saving this considerable amount of manpower lets me utilize my staff for things that really require creative brain power, such as setting up better systems,” said Sanjeev. “Instead of maintaining old legacy systems, they can make a real difference, both for Integreon and their own careers. The employees’ feedback has been universally enthusiastic.”

Operationally, Sanjeev estimates a 50% overall savings. They’ve significantly reduced hardware, software renewal, tape library maintenance, and tape procurement costs as well as third-party offsite vaulting costs. According to Sanjeev, “deploying Druva’s solutions has provided tremendous benefits and it is a total technology refresh for us. My company also benefits from a one-stop-shop solution. With Druva, we now manage everything, including remote sites, from a single window, it’s seamless.”

Sanjeev is particularly impressed with how Druva inSync allows the business to support its own protection needs without involving IT. “They can select a backup, what needs to be done, what needs to be restored. The typical way people come to IT to restore the data is no longer required. It’s all automated.” And he’s been very impressed with how easily he can place a user’s data on legal hold, and he knows of no other service that can do these things as easily as Druva. eDiscovery is a breeze too, as Integreon is able to easily export data for ingestion into any leading eDiscovery solutions, such OpenText (formerly Recommind), AccessData, Disco, or Exterro.

With remote sites managing more and more data, our legacy backup and management systems just didn’t make it. Druva’s automated, cloud-native solutions were the perfect fit.”

— Sanjeev Jain, CIO at Integreon, Inc.


  • Multiple remote office/branch office (ROBO) sites and mobile devices
  • Growing costs from a legacy tape backup system
  • Rigorous eDiscovery, legal hold, and encryption requirements
  • Lack of visibility into ROBO backup/recovery status and vulnerabilities


  • Druva inSync and Phoenix cloud-native data protection and governance for endpoints and servers worldwide

Results with Druva

  • Increased productivity and 70% reduction in labor costs
  • 50% overall operational savings; including hardware, licenses, and tape costs
  • Fully automated, consistent backup routines for all server locations
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity readiness
  • All data encrypted using envelope encryption and AES-256
  • One-click legal hold for any user
  • Easy connection to modern eDiscovery tools