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InSync v4 Now Available for Mac & Linux

The inSync client for Mac (OS X)  is finally here !

This was definitely the most requested feature and most eagerly awaited.

Although I agree that we did take much more time than initially promised, but this definitely was a much shorter wait compared to getting Beatles on the iTunes store (and I am really hoping that they do announce it tomorrow, Nov 16th)

The client for Mac is part of the new v4.0.1 release (release notes). The Mac version incorporates all the key features available in the Windows version including the app-aware data deduplication, WAN Optimization and search.

The new v4.0.1 release, also offers a 10% performance improvement for incremental backups over inSync v4.0. The inSync server is now equipped with a VSS writer, making it simpler for any VSS-aware backup software to backup inSync server.

Download the new release here –