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How critical is your endpoint backup?

As an existing Druva customer, you are aware of how critical endpoint backup is. With enterprise workforces now working remotely, this is a great time to evaluate what you must backup versus what might not be so critical. Before you move forward, evaluate your user base, the devices they are using, and the data that is being stored.

Here are some best practices to backup users’ data to ensure a successful, worry-free result.

Protect all of your users who are working remotely

Now is the time to review your user base to confirm that they have Druva accounts and are backing up their devices. It’s important that you ask, “Were there users that weren’t in scope previously that are now remote?” It’s also critical that you review your backup set and frequency. Changing your backup set to every 4 hours assures your users’ devices are backing up, but not impacting daily activities or reviewing file types that may not be needed.

As users are now working from home, some may have migrated to new desktops or new laptops (switched devices in the process). During this process, they may have neglected to deploy Druva inSync on their remote devices. You’ll want to confirm that these users have their accounts configured to ensure that their devices are properly backed up. Additionally, it’s important that you confirm that you are capturing all user-created data.

Configure your VPN for a split tunnel

It’s good practice to configure your VPN for a split tunnel to offload the data backups from your network. Ensuring that you have a split tunnel configured means that the data goes directly to the internet and doesn’t bottleneck your corporate VPN with all of the new loads being put into it. This will reduce the traffic on your corporate VPN to execute mission-critical tasks and save you money.

Ensure bandwidth throttling

As schools nationwide are closed, for the time being, kids will continue with their education and learning from home. Bandwidth throttling in the client helps to limit impacts on users’ home networks while the kids are also working from home. Ensure that you have set bandwidth throttling to about 1/3 so that your home networks aren’t negatively impacted while either tele- or video conferencing.

Review your dashboard

Review your dashboard to confirm that your users aren’t receiving errors. Confirm that your users aren’t seeing any errors or data backup failures. You can do this by setting up an alert if the user hasn’t backed up in X amount of days.

Backups over WiFi networks

Now is also the right time to deploy backups via home internet connections to any new users who utilize their home internet connections. If you have users that need initial backups, you can run these backups over their home internet connections. Please make sure their network configuration settings in Druva inSync are not blocking backups.

Also, consider turning off the ability to allow users to limit backups over WiFi networks. This can be turned off in the administration console to force users to perform backups while working from home.

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